It’s so exhausting. Every week it seems like there’s a new strategy for having a business online, getting clients, selling programs, etc.

And for every new strategy, there’s a new crop of gurus, a bunch of new courses and new (and complicated!) “funnels” to learn.


Believe me, I have tried a lot of different things in my 13 years in business, listened to a plethora of “experts” and invested a sh*t ton of time and money (way more than I care to admit)!

And you know what? After all that trial and error, all that effort and all the throwing spaghetti at the wall (plus some praying and meditating!) I took a hard look at what had actually worked for me…

….and it was the simplest strategy of them all. It never goes out of style.  And I know you can do it too.

It’s getting up on stage (or a virtual platform like a webinar) and just talking. Speaking your truth and your message.

Nothing — and I mean NOTHING — else I’ve ever tried has attracted more of my favorite, soul-mate clients, or netted me more moolah more easily. (I’m talking a year’s worth of income in just a few days.)

Now, the reason most people don’t do this is:

  • They think they have to be professional career speaker  (you DON’T)
  • They think they need a lot of online marketing “stuff” first (again… you DON’T!)
  • They don’t know WTF they would actually SAY. Or why anyone would listen to them.

That last one I can definitely help you with!

I want to gift you a 55-minute call with me where we can start to figure out what I call your “Plane is Crashing” talk topic.

(It’s the first step of what I’ve modestly dubbed The Moxley Method… a simple system I’ve developed to help my peeps to step onstage and get their message out in a way that lights them up, and attracts their epic soul-mate clients like a magnet!)

I promise you, you do have something to say that your people desperately want to hear, and that will have them raising their hands (with their credit cards in them, baby!) to work with you.

All we need to do is discover what that is and package it right. I know the steps, so let’s get started!

Book your call here!

Don’t worry if you don’t think of yourself as a speaker, or aren’t exactly sure what your message is yet. That’s exactly what I help people with!

I want to save you a ton of time and money and let you cut right to the good part of being a coach or a transformational leader:  inspiring and attracting the people you LOVE to work with.

Talk soon!

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