As an entrepreneur, I’ve found out (the hard way!) it’s either one or the other:

Your body – how you feel in it, and how you feel about it – is either an asset or a liability in your business.

If it’s an asset, it turbo-charges you through your massive to-do list, makes you feel confident and optimistic, lets you step fearlessly into the spotlight, and puts you in the mental, emotional and spiritual zone where all the miracles happen and the money flows in.

If it’s the other thing, it slows you down, encourages playing small, erodes your productivity and short-circuits your manifesting mojo…and it shows on both your bottom and your bottom line. Ouch!

That’s why I’m offering a free call on Tuesday June 12:

In this no-nonsense and kick-in-the-butt call, I’ll reveal:
  • The body-business connection and how it plays out in your life and your bank balance
  • Why how you look matters even more as a woman entrepreneur (Sorry! It’s still true! )and what you can do about it NOW
  • The hidden costs of burning the candle at both ends, and what to do instead
  • …And more!

Let’s turn those liabilities into assets!

“See” you on the call!


P.S. I’ve been fielding a lot of frantic questions about the Lean Lovin’ Money Makin Machine program that got underway yesterday, and whether it’s just for people who want to lose 20 lbs.

The answer is no – if there is anything about your body that’s keeping you from being and feeling your best in business (your favorite clothes don’t fit anymore, you can’t get out of bed or get enough done before you konk out, you’re looking haggard or older than you should) then you absolutely want to be on this call on Tuesday:

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