Give me Just 60 Days and I'll Give You Everything You Need to Head Into Summer 2012 Up to 20 Pounds Lighter and More Productive & Creative Than Ever Before! (Including doing it WITH you!)

From the Desk of Amanda Moxley:

Does this sound like you?

Convenience foodAs a solo entrepreneur whose work never really ends, you eat whatever is to hand and feel drained and tired most of the time.

You spend hours and hours hunched immobile behind your computer – too stressed, rushed or just plain exhausted to move your body

You find yourself reaching for food for comfort, distraction or to deal with the stress of running your own business…only to pack on excess weight and drain your energy

too tightYou want to do more in-person networking – but you don't love how you look and you have nothing to wear (your professional wardrobe doesn't fit anymore)so you find yourself staying home.

You made a promise to yourself at the beginning of 2013 that you'd get down to your ideal weight– and you've made little or no progress, with the year now half gone.

You feel like a fraud because you act as an expert coaching others on wellness, and you're not "walking your talk"

You wonder what's wrong with you…after all, you're so capable at everything else, so why is it so $%^# hard to shed those pounds?

You may even have been holding on to this same 10-20 extra pounds for years, even though you know it's holding you backing SO many ways…

You are NOT alone!

expanding bottomsIt's not your fault. Talk about a vicious cycle: As entrepreneurs we never seem to get off work…so we put ourselves and our health last because we think we just don't have time…as we drain our energy and pile on the pounds and the stress, our business naturally suffers…so we think we have to work even harder, and take even less time for self care…

No wonder our bottom line shrinks as our bottom expands! 

Plus, we build up what I call a Body Barrier™ -- a wickedly powerful mashup of body image issues and ill health that block you from the things you want most – love, abundance, success -- not just in your business but in your life. I know – I've been there.

But I am here to tell you: you CAN release 20 pounds in 60 days…and this time you WILL, because you will hear me doing it along with you in this Audio Course!


"My business since then has skyrocketed!
I'm now making 8-10K per month regularly."

Kara GilliganBefore coaching with Amanda, I was struggling to get the money & the confidence to manifest my dream of moving to California. I signed up for Amanda's Lean, Lovin' Money Making Machine Program on an intuitive hit, and I was blown away by my results! 

I set the intention to manifest $10K and move to California by the time the program was finished.  I brought in 8.5K in the first month!  I had NEVER made that much money before in one month, and the coolest thing was how easily and gracefully I brought it in.  I was juicing, doing yoga, buying myself luxurious skin care products, getting massage and taking care of myself like I had never done before.  It was so sublime!  Amanda's positivity, her commitment to high frequency living and go-getter guidance was EXACTLY what I needed.  I completed the move & found the perfect house in Santa Barbara.  PLUS, my business since then has skyrocketed!  I'm now making 8-10K per month regularly.  I can't endorse Amanda's wealth, business & health coaching enough!

Kara Gilligan
Personal Branding & Manifestation Coach
AKA "Your Personal Fairy God Mother"

Introducing the Lean, Lovin' Money Makin' Machine Program
60 day weight loss immersion with Amanda Moxley
Starts June 7th for 60 days

Phoebe at 5 weeksWhy NOW?

Well, while pre-summer is the traditional time to slim down, the real reason I decided to create this program last summer was because of the beautiful 6 pounds 8 ounces weight I had been carrying. She's my beautiful daughter goddess Phoebe…and while I wouldn't trade her for the world, I was committed to releasing the extra pounds from my pregnancy and getting back to my ideal weight.  So I won't just be teaching you – you will hear me on the audio actually be doing the program with you every step of the way!


Melissa's Success!

Melissa Frederick"I'm Melissa and I've been working with Amanda since August 2011. When I began working with her I was struggling with my body image and weight; I eat very healthy and am gluten and dairy free, but I was unable to release weight and knew it was emotion related.

Since working with her I've dropped 30 pounds without doing much more other than thinking positively about my body and regularly expressing love towards it.

The weight I've dropped doesn't mean nearly as much to me as the self growth I have experienced. I chopped off 10 inches of hair that I was hiding behind, I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and love the way I look, and have even had the courage to book myself a Boudoir photo shoot to celebrate my newfound love for my body.

I can't express how valuable the experience Amanda shares, and space she holds, has been in my life.

Of all the self work I've invested in in my life, and trust me, it's been more than most 50 yr olds invest in, let alone a 26 yr old, my work with Amanda has been the most valuable soley self work that I've done."

Melissa Frederick

SexyJust imagine…

  • Finally being bathing suit-ready for summer
  • Being excited about showing off your summer duds at weddings and events
  • Attracting clients (and your man!) like a magnet
  • Actually working less because your brain is working better, with no food-induced "brain fog"
  • Getting the best sleep of your life and waking up bursting with energy and enthusiasm
  • Radiating success and confidence to the world so prospective clients know you are a force to be reckoned with and trust you can help them
  • Having LOTS more fun in bed (woo-hoo!)
    Hair, nails and skin that look more healthy and vibrant than they have in years
  • Looking and feeling 10 years younger

It's NOT about vanity

I like looking good as much as anyone else, but as an entrepreneur I know I NEED to be fit, healthy and vibrant for my business to thrive.  I NEED the mental clarity that comes from feeling great in order to download new and creative ideas. I need the energy to give to the business and to my clients…not to mention my two children and husband. (People ask me how I do it all – but it's no big secret; this is how!) 

This just in! Leilani lost 10 pounds and made $3k since we started!

Leilani Higham“When I decided to work with Amanda I had NO idea how it would catapult my life and business forward! Before the call was over, she was still talking about bonuses and I was entering my card number. We had $784 in the bank. I stated to my husband that I had only come out of the room to get the debit card. I was going to do this. He looked concerned to say the least. We have 8 kids, he just had shoulder surgery and the disability checks are meager to say the least. Like I said $784 in the account, NO savings, no credit cards this was it! I paid $500 that day, because I couldn’t bare to spend it ALL on myself….Best investment EVER!

That day I made $210 dollars! Then the money just started rolling in! 2 days later I paid the full balance. And as to date have made OVER $3000!

I just sold my 1st $2000 coaching package and my client kept saying thank you, to me!

And that’s not all of it! The day after I made the decision and invested the down payment…. I woke up 5 pounds lighter!

Just because I said yes!

Amanda is a powerhouse at holding space for you to become your best and I am DEEPLY grateful for her!  It just keeps getting better, I started at 230, and am now 220! Woohoo!! Any doubts have completely left the building! And the excess pounds will follow leaving behind only the blessing of her insightful leadership! Leaving me leaner, lovelier, and richer for it! In every way!! Thank you Amanda, I can’t say it enough!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Leilani Higham

The hard (but brutally honest) truth.

your body is your billboardAnd…like it or not, the way you look does matter in business. A lot. It affects your confidence. Your willingness to step out into the spotlight, speak on stage or appear in the media or videos.  (I recently passed up a speaking opportunity because I just didn't want to get up in front of people looking the way I did.)

Plus, if you are in the health and wellness space like I am, your body is your billboard. In today's world of total transparency (social media, online video – eek!) there's no hiding out. Think about it:  why should clients seek advice from you when you're not taking care of yourself, and it shows?

What clients and money are you missing out on right now because you're not showing up – or because prospects are uncertain you're the right fit for them?

But the Good News is, The Time for Transformation – Mine AND yours – is right NOW…in the next 60 days!

Here's what your Lean Lovin' Money-Makin' Machine program includes:

  • ProgressYou're only 60 days from getting your body issues handled once and for all! Woo-hoo!
  • Weekly Pre-Recorded Lectures from Real Group Calls with provide you with 8 weeks with Body Transformation coach & savvy 6-Figure Entrepreneur Amanda Moxley – to get you trained, empowered and inspired for the week ahead
  • Amanda's PROVEN Body Transformation Plan that has worked for hundreds of women – including your own plan customized for you.
  • Amanda's techniques to address and eliminate the inner root causes of your body issues (after all, if it were really as simple as "eat less and move more" everyone would be thin and healthy)
  • …and MORE!

Tara's Success!

Tara"Amanda has helped me change a few decades of beliefs in six months.  This journey with Amanda has been invaluable.  She has given me the tools to continue making progress and feeling joy and peace in my life.  Amanda has helped me learn how to love and appreciate myself.  I have lost 20 pounds working with Amanda and I feel amazing!  My cravings and self criticism are gone.  When I walk by a mirror I no longer see the flaws in my body I now smile and acknowledge the amazing person I am.  If I make the choice to eat something sweet or processed I no longer beat myself up over it.  Amanda has taught me how to bring balance and peace into my world.  I am happy and confident that I will continue to be successful.  Thanks Amanda!"

Tara Alred
Salt Lake City, Utah

And that's not all…check out
Amanda's Lean, Lovin' Money-Makin' Extras!

  • Your Specialized Journal. This resource alone is worth your entire investment in this program.

    journalI’ve created the perfect interactive journal for your journey to help you listen to, honor, trust and respect your beautiful body. What you will learn about yourself from experiencing this powerful resource has the capacity to transform your entire relationship with your food and body. (Don’t worry, you will not be recording everything you eat! This is not a "food diary", but something totally unique, motivating and inspiring!) You’re going to love it.
  • quizThe Weekly Quiz.  Every week, you’ll assess your body confidence using my eye-opening quiz, designed to help you see where you are compared to where you want to be and then help you take decisive action in the direction of your heart's desires. Regularly checking in on your progress will inspire you to stay on target with your Big Bold Juicy Goal and Vision.
  • Weekly accountability tracking forms to record your progress, refine your goals and go after your dreams in a measurable way. You will report your progress, successes and challenged in our private online forum every Monday. 
  • WELCOME KIT delivered to you online, including:
    1. Specialized food and body journal format sheets
    2. The Wheel of Transformation
    3. Your Customized Prescription for Radiance
    4. Your Customized Yum Diet
    5. 22 Tips for When a Craving Hits
    6. Creating Your Ideal Vision
    7. My Big Bold Juicy Goal Setting sheets
    8. My 1 month to 5 year Goal/Vision Map Plan
    9. A blank schedule to help you organize and prioritize your weekly goals
    10. Your Weekly Declaration Form

So…what's the investment? (Can you keep a secret?)

Shhh…this is essentially the same program my clients have paid $5000 for in my breakthrough 5-month Fit Fab & Fierce program.  But I've condensed it into a concentrated, focused 60 days for women entrepreneurs who want fast results and are committed to releasing up to 20 pounds in 60 days – and still have plenty of time for fun in the sun this summer!

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I want to make this as easy as possible for you to say “Yes” to becoming a Lean, Lovin' Money Making Machine! I’ll even give you the chance to test-drive this program for 30 days at no risk!

Receive the first 4 weeks of course materials, and if you discover after fully engaging and participating, that this program is not a match for you and your business… Then I will offer you a 100% refund of your money back. This offer is good up until 30 days after your purchase. 

I promise to deliver high quality content and training. I’m confident you will get HUGE value. And I ask that you participate with your whole heart, soul, and business!

Let’s become Lean, Lovin', Money-Making Machines together!

Join me for the Lean, Lovin' Money-Makin' Machine 60-Day Immersion
Only $750 one-time
Or two monthly payments of $500

YES! I want to be 20 pounds lighter
And more successful this summer!

Click to enroll NOW!

And now for YOUR questions:

"20 Pounds?! Really? Isn't that a lot of weight to take off so fast?"
No—think about it: it's actually less than two pounds per week. This rate of weight release is totally safe and healthy. The key is consistency and a proven plan that works. And that's exactly what you'll get with the step-by-step guidance and accountability of this program. 

"I've tried so many programs. How do I know this will work for me?"
In this program, we concentrate on the "inner work" essentials that other plans leave out...including your mindset, limiting beliefs and relationship with food. Because that's what's required for real transformation…and why other plans fall short or don't get you lasting results.  Your body can't change until YOU do.

Of course, this isn't magic.  You will have to address the way you eat. And you'll have to move.

But don't worry -- that's why you'll also get a customized, delicious, easy-to-follow "YUM Diet", personally designed by me for you, based on my years of expertise in nutrition.

Now, no system is guaranteed – mostly because no one can stand over you and MAKE you do the work. You have to take responsibility and follow the coaching. But I can tell you that my Body Transformation System has worked for hundreds of women…and for me – twice! And I'm so confident it works that I'm doing it again – this time in the spotlight, and in front of everyone in this program!

Can't I just do this on my own?
MY answer to that is, how has that been working for you so far? If you're reading this, I'm guessing that you've tried the diets, the exercise plans, books…but you're still unhappy with the body and life you've got.

It's not your fault.  It's not even the fault of the diet or exercise plans you chose.

The fact is that no plan or food combination can give you the kind of support and accountability you need to make this big shift in your life…and none of them addresses the root soul causes of your body issues.  It's like putting a Band-Aid on a big wound. No wonder 90% of dieters are back where they started (or worse) within a year.

This time it's gonna be different – because I'll be doing it WITH you!
(and so will your teammates)

Join me for the Lean, Lovin' Money-Makin' Machine 60-Day Immersion
Only $750 one-time
Or two monthly payments of $500

YES! I want to be 20 pounds lighter
And more successful this summer!

Click to enroll NOW!

This is a home study audio course!! Don't miss this chance to get fit with ME and make THIS summer the one where you look and feel totally fabulous!


P.S.  What would it be worth to you if you could wave a magic wand and make your body issues and the extra pounds just disappear…and feel 10 years younger, happier, more creative and exploding with energy and passion for your business so the money just flows in? THAT'S what we'll be doing over the next 8 weeks. You will feel like a different person. How good can YOU stand it?? 

Take a Look at My Pantry!

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Be compassionate to yourself!


About Amanda

Amanda MoxleyAmanda Moxley is a body transformation coach and expert whose first successful client was herself - taking her own body from a size 14 to a size 4 by transforming her unhealthy relationship with food.  

From there she achieved massive success helping other women transform their bodies in her own thriving holistic health coaching practice that exploded to 6 figures in only months.  

Now an award-winning business owner featured in magazines, Amanda has become a sought-after nutrition expert for TV and print media.  

Recently, Amanda saw another way she could serve: she expanded beyond body transformation, and now coaches other heart-centered women entrepreneurs on creating and marketing a solo business around their own big vision, taking it to 6 figures in 6 months.