If you’re reading this, you already know that I am 100% convinced that YOU have an amazing story inside you, that is GOLD.

A story that only you can tell, and a signature program and talk that only you could deliver… and that your perfect soulmate clients are just praying to experience (and waiting to pay you handsomely for!).

All of which could add up to an amazing, 6 or 7 figure business that gives you all the freedom you could ever want.

But something’s been stopping you.

Maybe it’s the fear that your message isn’t landing, even after investing a ton of time and money trying to figure it out…that everyone else you see “crushing it” on stages and webinars somehow knows something you don’t…that you’ll be stuck on the sidelines forever, even though you YEARN to be out front and center stage so much you can taste it.

Or, maybe it’s pride, with a little bit of stubbornness mixed in….

You know, that voice inside that says, “I’m smart enough, I know all this stuff, I should be able to do this myself, dammit” and “Nope. I’m good, I don’t need any help, thank you.”

But here’s what I know. Deep down, whether you admit it or not, both fear and pride ask the same questions:

“Why can’t I make this happen?

“What’s wrong with me?”

Here’s what else I know: NOTHING is wrong with you!

All you need is someone to guide you…

to reflect your own brilliance back to you…

to give you clarity on your niche and all the steps to a thriving business….

to get you unstuck when necessary, AS you create your talk, your system, your amazing business…

In short, you need someone who knows what they’re doing, to just freaking do it WITH you.

And that someone would be me.

With the help of the program I’ve just put together to support brilliant, heart-centered coaches and speakers like you, and that I can’t WAIT to share with you:

Introducing…(Ta-DAH!!!) . Speak Your Way to Success with The Moxley Method™

(Go here to get all the details!)

I am so $%# excited because this program is my masterpiece, based on seeing what’s worked with my own business, and for hundreds of women like you who I’m proud to call my clients over the past 13 years as a coach.

Many of these coaches and experts started without even an idea for a talk, and near-zero clarity on who their ideal client was… and are now are on stages all the time, inspiring thousands and scooping up 3-5 new, high-paying, perfect clients they LOVE working with, every time they speak.

The program — my flagship!! — is the perfectly balanced combo of training, roadmaps, group coaching and 1:1 done-with-you feedback and services … so that you have everything you need including hand-holding as you develop your message, your signature talk, your signature system, your marketing system and content… basically your entire incredible, speaking-fueled, freedom-based-business from A-Z!

Because I can deliver Speak Your Way to Success with The Moxley Method™ so efficiently, I can give you all the support you need, at a fraction of what you’d invest to work with me privately (if you could even hire me as your coach, which right now, nobody can because I’m not taking on private clients or anything outside of Speak Your Way to Success with The Moxley Method. Right now this is the only way to work with me personally.)

Together we will:

  • Find your “plane-is-crashing story” that will keep audiences spellbound
  • Finally nail your niche so you finally know who you’re talking to and attract only those clients you really want
  • Develop your signature talk that is a preview of your premium program
  • Design your Signature System (to sell in multiple formats, some at price points higher than you’ve ever imagined before)
  • Map out and create your marketing plan and your copy
  • Craft a strategy to get you booked on stages
  • Hone your offer delivery so selling is effortless and in total integrity, whether from the stage or on a 1:1 discovery call (I’ll even give you my own powerful, proven sales cheat sheet & script!)

And did I mention… you’ll get it all done in 90 days or less?

Plus you get my hand-picked community of amazing, talented, service-based women to hold you accountable, test out your ideas in a safe space, cheer you on and even kick your butt when you need it.

And other bonuses and extras too numerous and juicy to fit in an email.

Go here to learn all the details and apply!

It’s time to STOP letting fear or pride stop you. Your ideal clients are waiting for you to show up, and you owe it to them –as well as to yourself — to get out of your own way and finally shine, inspire and serve as you were always meant to do.

This program will definitely help you do that!!!

I have a limited amount of spaces for women who are in it-to-win- it, and ready to get over the blocks to having the life and business they want. (I will help, but you have to make the decision.)

Are you in? Go here to find out more.

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