Since being back in Hawaii, my heart has cracked wide open with LOVE! I have to say that I am completely revitalized, renewed and reenergized. My soul is on FIYAH!  I rekindled the secret to success while being in Hawaii, want to know what it is? Let me tell you, it all comes down to your DESIRE!kauai-north-beaches-kee.jpg

Since we up-leveled into our gorgeous dream home last May, I felt like I shouldn’t have BOTH Hawaii and my dream house in Utah. My mind told me it was impractical, irresponsible and unwise financially to live in Hawaii (the most expensive place in the USA) and in Utah.

So I stuffed down my desires and really felt HAPPY and beyond grateful for my adventurous lifestyle in Salt Lake City and at the same time. I just didn’t feel as fired up about my life. I felt like I was sitting on the sidelines playing it safe and secure and that was the responsible thing to do! HA!!! LAUGHABLE!!! My nature is adventurous, fun and free not practical and logical!

The second I landed at the Kauai airport, and smelled the air and felt the breeze, I knew I was HOME.  In that moment, I decided that I would come back for the summer with my family.

IMG_2480.jpgYes, that’s right! And everything lined up the moment we bought the tickets. The place we sublet is available in Hanalei Bay, my sister can house and cat sit my kitty Mr. Ming and the ticket prices were the lowest I’ve ever seen them! When you move, the Universe moves. Life is for YOU!Life wants YOU to prosper. Life wants to support YOU!

So what about you? In what way are you settling in your life? Where are you NOT giving yourself permission to fully OWN and CLAIM your desires?

What do you desire? What fires YOU up? What sets your soul on fire? FOLLOW that desire and set your soul free and watch all of LIFE support YOU!

Here’s the formula:

1. Have a strong JUICY Desire that LIGHTS you up!

2. Say “YES” no matter what to your strong juicy desire even if you don’t know the HOW.

3. Decision – no matter what decide that you are being, doing or having your BIG juicy desire.

4. Let it go (aka… get out of your own way and let God/Goddess love and surprise you).

Coaching Assignment

Write down 1 juicy desire and follow the steps above and watch the miraculous unfold in your life.

If your desire is to create a profitable, portable and playful biz like mine, I have a little something special to share with you today! Are you living your dreams or are you watching others LIVE life from the side lines wishing that could be YOU? 

Want to turn it all around now and never look back? 

Are you ready to live YOUR life on your terms supported by a thriving business that allows you to have the freedom based lifestyle you crave?

 20130520_amanda moxley_0935 (1).jpg


I could never have supported my family and me in creating this lifestyle if it weren’t for my international coaching practice. Do you want a similar freedom based lifestyle where you can work & make money doing what you LOVE from anywhere?

As we’re entering spring 2015, I am opening my calendar and my heart to mentor three 1:1 private coaching clients.  If you are reading this and you are getting a FULL BODIED “YES” I want to be mentored by AMANDA privately feeling, then check out my new POP your biz mini coaching package by clicking here. You will know if this is for you.  I am so excited to be your guide on your journey to living your life based on YOUR terms making the money you desire and deserve. 

NOW is the best time to make the decision to step into your POWER and start living your life full out.

I know what it takes to build a 6 figure thriving business as both a health and biz coach and I would love to show you how to do the same. 1:1 mentorship is the FAST track to creating the freedom based lifestyle and the money you desire. Find out more here..

Have a gorgeous and radiant week!




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