Amanda Moxley 2011Yes, in the spirit of transformation, I’m making some changes. And I wanted you to be the first to know.

First I want to thank you, my loyal reader.

Knowing you’re listening, and being helped by what I share in my emails, teleclasses and programs is what makes me jump out of bed in the morning ready to give you and my business my all.

In turn, my business has taken off beyond my wildest dreams. Over the past year, so many awesome women have stepped up and worked with me to transform their bodies, lives and bank accounts that now I’ve been challenged to play a bigger game, and develop bigger containers to hold YOUR awesomeness.

Body Barrier 2.0
Which brings me to my newest announcement, Steve Jobs style…

…it’s my new Move Beyond Your Body Barrier Program 2.0!

I’ve built on my most popular and successful signature Body Barrier program, and made it even bigger and better.

Yes, it costs more than Body Barrier 1.0 (I did warn you!!)

FitBut I’ve designed it so you also get more of what you want. An extra month to achieve — and anchor in for good — your total transformation in your body, business and life. More one-on-one calls with me. More in-person VIP time. More accountability and encouragement. And….well, more.

I’m so excited about it, and I think you’ll like it, too. Find out all the details here!

And I want to personally invite you to schedule a free Breakthrough Session with me, so we can look at your unique situation, and figure out what’s causing YOUR Body Barrier. In this no-obligation session, we’ll also explore whether Body Barrier 2.0 could be the right program for your transformation, and even how to make it happen easily! Book your complimentary session here.

Looking forward to connecting with you personally.

And thanks again for reading, listening and coming along with me for this exciting ride!



P.S. Don’t be shy, schedule that Breakthrough Session and let’s talk about you. You will love it, I promise! Here’s the link to book your time.

Amanda Moxley 2011 (Here’s a sneak peak of a picture of my new brand! Stay tuned!)

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