I was talking to my kids this morning at breakfast and they said “you’re working a lot lately mama.” Then my son Sawyer asked me “did someone tell you to work today.. like a client?” To which I replied… “I’m launching my Freedomista Biz retreat this week and I need to work on my confidence and pump myself-belief up a lot too.”

I’ve been serving, leading, teaching, creating, speaking, writing and launching for the past 10 years but STILL it’s a constant battle with my ego to get out of my own way and to SURRENDER to my desire and the Divine. Sound familiar?

I caught myself again. I’ve been asking, visualizing, affirming, surrendering, desiring, declaring, making it a must and seeing myself serving a certain number of amazing, motivated, smart, top notch women entrepreneurs at my event.

But then I’ll loose my focus for about 2 hours, get caught up in my life as a mama and I forget my intention. I stand in my own way and make it about me. My monkey mind spins out. I lose faith.

I start thinking thoughts like “I’m invisible or that the industry is saturated etc.” I’ll look around online and compare myself to other women.All of which BLOCKS my good and my ability to receive!

I am sorry about this. How can I remember all of the time, that I declared my intentions on the New Moon, surrendered my life and my bank account to God while walking on the beach,  gave my intentions to the angels in FULL detailed written out description.

How can I forget this? How can I trust that when you ASK it is always GIVEN? How can I get out of my own WAY and RECEIVE?

I’m sharing this with you because I am sure you TOO have similar bouts with this!

Working for yourself is a spiritual workout!

You as a woman are built to receive. Yet, you BLOCK yourself because of your LB’s (limiting beliefs), negative thoughts and lack of aligned action most of which were formed in your subconscious mind between the ages of 0-7 years.

The amount of money you as an entrepreneur are letting in is a reflection of your self esteem and how much you love, value, honor, trust and respect yourself.

Meaning the more you work on your self esteem, confidence, self belief, self love, self forgiveness and honoring, trusting, respecting and VALUING yourself; the more money you will let in.

This is priority numero uno!

One of my favorite ways to help my clients own their VALUE is to list out all of the qualifications, certificates, courses, degrees and education they have invested in and received….. this will help you see how qualified, educated, prepared and able you are to serve and receive at a high frequency.

Your JFDI action step # 1 ….list out all of the qualifications, certificates, courses, degrees and education you have invested in and received.

Then write out the results, transformations and experiences your clients have received while working with you and after completing work with you.

If you haven’t had any clients (were going to change that soon) make a list of the value you have added to friends, family or co workers by you being you and walking your talk and radiating your light. Because you know you have made a BIG impact on their lives!

Your JFDI action step #2 ….write out 20 ways in which your clients, friends, co-workers, family etc have received results, transformation and have been impacted by you.

Then PUMP yourself up and BRAG about what makes you qualified, talented, amazing, worthy and VALUABLE!

The key is to remember that when YOU win, others WIN too!

Believe in yourself my beautiful soul sister!

You are worthy of every desire in your BIG heart.

Let go and let it in!




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