Amanda giving birthI’m in the midst of my second pregnancy with 4 weeks to go until our precious little angel arrives early April. I can’t help but draw on the multitude of parallels between how both body and bank account transformation is similar to pregnancy.

If you’ve ever been pregnant you know that it is a LONG 40 weeks of patience, preparation, planning, some discomfort, being still and living in the mystery! All of which most of us would rather avoid because we want it ALL yesterday!

Transforming your body and or your money story and business can also feel like a LONG gestation period. It’s a crazy road of ups and downs and highs and lows and doubts, and fears and worries. It purifies, shapes and tests you to see if you are really up for what you say you are up for.

First you conceive the idea of your heart’s desire and sometimes it takes root or it does not depending on if you cancel it out with doubt, fear, worry, lack or focusing on the “HOW” rather than the why.

Transforming your body or your bank account starts with the burning desire to do so, followed by absolute 110% commitment to manifest your desire, laser focus, clear vision and absolute faith that your desire will manifest.

This road is NOT for the faint of heart and neither is pregnancy, giving birth or motherhood.

Do you have what it takes to…

  • Stare your deepest fears in the eye?
  • Risk everything for your dreams?
  • Put yourself out there and to be totally seen and visible for all that you are?
  • Be criticized and judged?
  • Commit 110% to your heart’s desires and to NEVER look back?
  • Focus like your life depends on it?
  • Do whatever it takes to slay your dragons and become who you say you want to become?

When I started my holistic health coaching business back in 2005, I knew nothing about business, money or marketing. I loved the idea of the freedom based lifestyle and the intention to help other women on the path to heal and transform their relationship with their food and their body.

I was clueless about the profound inner work going into business for myself would draw out of me.

It has challenged my CORE limiting beliefs about money and receiving.

It has strengthened my connection to God/Source/Universe in knowing that I am a channel. I am not here to GET, instead I am here to LET the divine gifts flow through me.

It has pulled out low self esteem issues, and being visible and truly believing in my value and worth.  I never could have received these valuable life lessons while working at a JOB.

Same thing with giving birth and being pregnant, when I conceived, my children (which was a great night ) I had NO idea what motherhood would DRAW out of me and who I would become.

Amanda with SawyerWhen I gave birth to my son Sawyer 3 years ago, it was if I was birthed into womanhood. I can’t wait to see how my second home water birth experience shapes and transforms me as a woman and as a business woman.

So what about you?

What are you up for?

Do you want to grow and transform into the woman you were destined to be?

What will happen 6 months from today if you stay where you are right now?

Are you waiting to live your life in the future or are you ready to commit and live TODAY?

The world needs youThe world needs you to become who you were born to be. This is not the easy road, if it were everyone would be on it. Only 3% of American’s make over 6 figures a year. Are you up for the challenge?

I believe in you.

What is one action step you can take today to more deeply become who you were born to be?

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