Jack and the BeanstalkYesterday, I was reading my son the “fairytale” Jack in the Beanstalk for the first time ever. Maybe it’s been awhile since you read it so let me hit the refresh button for you. I was horrified by the LACK and poverty and FEAR consciousness this book was impressing upon both my mind and my son’s subconscious mind.

Jack’s dad had died and Jack’s mom was in fear and melt-down because she had no money for food, firewood or clothes. They decided to sell their cow for money but Jack, being an 8 year old boy, traded the cow for beans which then became a HUGE beanstalk which he climbed up and met the Giant who had killed his father. Jack hid in a cooking pot and stole the giant’s golden egg laying hen, golden harp and jewels and Jack and his mother lived happily ever after.

What this means to YOU.

Sawyer in January 2012Did you know that until the age of 7, your subconscious mind was all you had? Your subconscious mind takes EVERYTHING as TRUTH and believes everything that it is fed because it does NOT have the ability to reason. Your conscious mind which reasons and rationalizes, and which distinguishes between truth and falseness and fear, was not developed until age 7. Yikes!

Your financial blueprint was created before you were 7 years old! Your beliefs about money, wealth, rich people, lack and scarcity and not-enoughness were programmed into your very OPEN and trusting subconscious mind before you turned 7 years young. That explains a lot!

Unless you grew up with super positive, wealth and prosperity-conscious parents and care givers you probably right NOW are living someone else’s FALSE money story!

Breathe that ONE in!

This truth has enormous significance on how you view money and the world around you today.

Money is EnergyThe truth is money is energy! It is not right or wrong or good or evil it just IS. Just like energy which can not be created nor destroyed, so is money.. money energy is cyclical and ever flowing and the energy of money can never be created nor destroyed.

I want you to be able to see that your current reality beliefs about money were conditioned and preprogrammed into your VERY TRUSTING and OPEN subconscious mind before you were 7 years old and that these ideas and beliefs and your current “reality” about money may actually be completely FALSE.

Bless your parents and care givers for they were not taught this TRUTH. Be grateful that you are reading and studying this now and that you CAN transform your money story into one of infinite abundance, prosperity, a source of GOOD and joy.

We are living in a time of great the AWAKENING!

Golden EggYou can be, do and have ANYTHING you desire.

You just have to BELIEVE it!

But first you have to clean up and cleanse out all of the false limiting beliefs (that aren’t even yours)!

And then create your new conscious beliefs then open up and RECEIVE.

I believe in you!

Transforming these limiting beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious beliefs is HUGE part of what I teach and coach my clients. If you want to learn more and really go to the next level, join me for the Healthy & Wealthy Biz School!

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