Does it ever piss you off or trigger you when you see some coaches charging high end prices  to work with them? I remember the first time I saw a health coach charging 15k for a 3 month GROUP coaching program. I was floored! Back then I was a health coach too and was struggling to make 50k a year and it pissed me off! I realized that my envy was a GIFT from her to help me step deeper into my power, confidence and the transformational value I gave to my clients. I’ll be talking more about going High End on a live call happening this Thursday. I hope you’ll join me! I’ve also decided to do something I have NEVER done on this call so be sure to be there live if you want in on the goods!

Join us here—-> Go High End or Go Home (LOL!)

Now let’s dive into this week’s feature article on 10 ways to add an extra 10-50k to your biz this month!


Right now you are creating your reality with your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and actions. If your business, life or bank account is NOT what you want; YOU have the power to turn that SHIZ around right here and right now.

Seriously sunshine! I totally know how easy it is to sabotage, upper limit, resist and block abundance, success and money into your life. I see us as sisters on the path and I am here to support and serve you in anyway that I can, so today I’m sharing 10 ways to add an extra 10-50k to your biz this month!

Why torment yourself with negative, fear based, doubt filled thoughts when you can easily pivot out of that and create HEAVEN on earth?

  1. Express gratitude daily. Go on a rampage of appreciation as soon as your eyes open in the morning and your feet hit the ground! Start a daily gratitude journal and write 10 specific things you FEEL grateful for every day. There is a law of gratitude and if you obey it, it will bring you closer to riches!
  2. Create 20-50 new empowered beliefs about money, business and success write them down and then read them out loud and feel them every morning before you start your work day. Your thoughts create your beliefs and your BELIEFS create your reality ie.. your success and your bank account. Change your beliefs, change your life!
  3. Read wealth consciousness books daily for at least 30 minutes. No excuses please! By the way! My End Your Money Drama book is NOW on Amazon!

  4. Visualize, feel and get PUMPED up about your vision and your desires and goals.  Clarity is cash! Do you know what you want? If you can spot it, you can GET IT! Vividly see and FEEL your VISION for at least 10 minutes each day.
  5. Get intimate with your money. Drop the emotional energy around money and just look at the numbers on a daily basis. Know what is flowing in and when and what is flowing out and when. This will empower you and help you get in and stay in the flow with money!

    Start a forgiveness practice. Holding on to resentments and anger BLOCK you from receiving more love and money into your life. Drop the low vibes and pop into the higher vibes of love, compassion, forgiveness, patience and kindness for yourself and others.

  6. Practice the Hooponopono mantra when you feel anger, resentment, fear, worry and doubt. Repeat “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you over and over 100 times a day or until the energy softens and disperses.
  7. Connect in and love your WC2 (wounded child) on a daily basis. Nurture yourself! Making money, running your own business and going to your next income level brings up all of your “stuff” because you are healing and transforming. 

    Commit to doing your inner work, do therapy, get coached and heal so that you don’t mistakenly let your little 8 year old run your sales calls, marketing, visibility, bank account and business. This STEP is VITAL to the success of your business.

  8. Meditate every day for at least 10 minutes. There is NO lack in the Universe! Meditation helps you connect to the truth and flow of universal love and abundance.
  9. Focus on JFDI inspired action that creates INCOME every day! Get real and get rich! Stop making your business an expensive hobby and GET INTO the business of serving and receiving a LOT OF MONEY every day! 

    This looks like giving talks and workshops, hosting teleclasses, booking breakthrough calls with ideal clients, speaking, making offers, writing, teaching and sharing your LIGHT in front of your ideal clients!
  10. Go high-end or go home! LOL! It’s time for you to DEEPLY value the lifetime transformational VALUE you provide for your clients. Now is the time to STOP transferring your old f’ed up money story onto your clients such as assuming “she can’t afford it” or “no-one will buy this.”

When I transformed my money story years back, I went from charging $800 for 6 months of coaching to today charging $ 25,000 for 12 months of coaching and mentoring. You can do this too!

You need to be the expert, believe in your work and confidently charge and deliver at a rate that feels good to you and that stretches your client to grow into.

If you want to learn more about selling and serving high end, join me Thursday for an all new training called “Go High End or Go Home! LOL!” 

It’s so hard to have an income breakthrough when you’re only charging a little. I’m going to show you how to deeply value your work and the transformation you provide so that you can feel good about charging higher end and more importantly how to receive it! Plus we’ll divine into healing your money story and taking JFDI action!

Know someone who could use this training, forward this email to her and share it on social media!


Remember JFDI!



P.S. If you want more of this… you’re going to LOVE Thursday’s Go High End or Go Home (LOL) LIVE training call! Join us here—-> Go High End or Go Home (LOL!)

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