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By Amanda Moxley

1237012_10153374520455495_594792303_n#1 Meet ideal clients. The last live event I attended I magnetized over 10 ideal clients to my tribe! I went in with a high intention to meet and get face to face with my ideal clients and I did! The next event you attend go in the room with a clearly defined intention to attract your ideal clients to you. Be sure to follow up with everyone you meet at the event either through a virtual skype date or a phone date! The fortune is in the follow up my firend!

# 2 Have fun! Leaving your normal routine (rut) for 3 days is good for your soul! You know that the more fun you’re having the more money you are opening to receive through joy and ease.

# 4 Learn profitable marketing, money and manifesting techniques and tools that you can apply to your business immediately.


# 5 Surrounding yourself with other unnamedsuccessful women

entrepreneurs who have created their dream businesses and lives will help you POP to your next level. You believe in yourself more when you see how many other women have achieved what you desire. Remember my favorite mantra.. “if she can do it, so can I!” Success begets success.


# 6 Make long lasting connections and joint venture partnerships that can help you grow your list and your cash flow. Today I regularly JV (joint venture) with women I met at live events back in the day.  Growing a successful business is all about WHO you know! You want to be able to connect in with other centers of influence who share your ideal client. The more connections you make the better for your business. Meeting your JV partners, affiliates and colleagues FACE to face makes it so much more fun and easier to negotiate win-win deals.

poplivenetworking 3.jpg# 7 Getting out and getting VISIBLE boosts your brand, your confidence and your money making potential because MONEY needs to  see you in order to come to you! When attending live events be sure to share your journey through photos and videos in social media and to your own community. Your peeps love to see you grow, shine and learn new skills! Take lots of pics and share on social media.




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