It absolutely kills me. Every day I see heart-centered women entrepreneurs working their butts off, and only receiving the crumbs of life. 

“No one I know would ever pay THAT much…”
“The only clients I find are the ones who can’t afford me…”
I have to work this hard, and have no life, because the hustle and grind’s the only way to make it…”

All of these phony beliefs are causing them to SETTLE. For YEARS.
When you settle, you give up on what you really want, to take what you think you can get.
When you settle, you’re sending yourself the clear message: “I can’t, it’s not possible, and anyway, I don’t really deserve it.”
When you settle, your soul dies a slow, lingering, painful death day by day.
(Ask anyone who has settled for the husband, or the career, or the lifestyle that was “good enough”.)

The saddest part is, settling is unnecessary. Because it’s a CHOICE.

What seems impossible IS only because you choose to believe it. If you simply made up your mind to believe something else, you might succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
It happened to me, when I had a low triple digits left in my checking account. I chose not to settle for a life of just scraping by. That decision, that one choice, changed my life.
I see it happen for my clients all the time. One day, they choose not to settle for a life watching other women from the sidelines, and step on stage. They start to use speaking in their business.

Is it scary? You bet it is, at first. Then they all discover something.

It was all a lie.

The idea that all they could get were cheapskate clients.
The idea that being a thought leader and making a real impact was something only other, more famous  people could do.
The idea that they had to be smarter, or younger, or thinner, or get yet another certification to be able make a difference and a 6-figure income.

ALL LIES. But that’s what they believed before. So naturally, they settled. (Why wouldn’t they?)

I have found that your beliefs are the #1 indicator of what you’re going to be willing to go for in life, and consequently, what you’ll be able to receive. No amount of education, intelligence, talent or willpower can ever make up for that!  We’ve all seen smart, talented, educated and hardworking women NOT succeeding as they deserve. (Maybe you’ve even seen one of these women in the mirror?)

This is why I now insist on a major mindset module in all my programs, especially in my new signature mentorship, Speak Your Way to Success with The Moxley Method™ When people go through it, they come out with the rock-solid belief that they have what it takes RIGHT NOW—just as they are — to make the income and impact they desire, and use speaking to easily sign up 3-5 high-paying clients per talk.

And when you know that’s possible for you, you never have to settle again.

You get to have the life you REALLY want (instead of the “good enough” one that was never really good enough at all).

The question is: are YOU ready to quit settling? Because it really is a choice.  

And here’s another choice for you:

Why not book a free breakthrough session with me? You’ll come away seeing what’s really possible for you, and why YOU don’t have to settle for bad clients and roller-coaster months anymore.

Unless, of course, you’re fine where you are…

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