12804742_10208769359537344_3307476487792487228_nI am giddy with excitement because I decided to do something that FEELS so good, so right and SO Much FUN and something that I know you’re going to LOVE!

I want to give you a free ticket to my RISE UP: The Power of Live Events (Imagine Generating a Year’s Worth of Income in a Single Weekend) 3 day retreat happening April 14-16th, in beautiful Park City Utah (which is valued at over 3k!)

In 3 days, I’ll teach you how to Lift, Leverage and Lead and what you need to know in order to market, fill, lead and ROCK out your own profitable events. 

All you need to do is fill out this application.  If I know I can support you and feel that you need to be a part of this event, then I’ll gift you a ticket, as my birthday treat!

I know that if I can get my hands on your business for 3 days it will change your life, biz and bank account in a BIG way.


Thank you for submitting your application by tomorrow at 5pm EST!  Please know there are only 18 sacred spaces I can gift for this event.

You can learn more about the event and listen to today’s The Power of Live Events replay here!



P.S. Curious? Here’s the RISE UP: The Power of Live Events retreat webpage with all of the divine details! 


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