Today I wanna talk about commitment as an entrepreneur. It’s time to take the hand off of the BACK door and put all of your heart, focus, soul and vision into your desires! You can’t quit. Your soul won’t let you and the sooner that you get this, the better. I get it; it’s normal to want a silent retreat or a plan B but that plan B and the focus on that is what IS blocking you from CLAIMING what you say you want. winnersquittersl-300x275.gif

It comes down to FAITH and not FEAR. The back door is all about FEAR and “what if’s”. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and faith to be an entrepreneur. It’s time to put 2 feet in. The risks are high but the reward is ultimate freedom.

In the early days of my business, my plan B was that I could go back and be a Social Worker making $17 an hour, or I could be a waitress making $100 (if I was lucky) a night, or I could ask my family for money, or I could file for the big BK. I would lay awake at night, tossing and turning in FEAR running these horrible scenarios through my mind.

Have you ever done that? What scenarios do you run through your mind? You know you have them!

You can NOT create what you want from a place of fear. I believe there is a sinister force, just like the polarity of summer and winter and day and night, yin and yang. There is a dark and there is a light and you must get ALL of your energy into the LIGHT in order to claim your dreams.

Amanda<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Light-and-Dark.jpgToo many talented female entrepreneurs are focused on survival and making it.  It’s as if your eyes and head are down looking at your lap while you’re driving when they should be LOOKING UP at where you are going, you’re going to crash if you keep looking down.

You have to realize that life LOVES you and wants to support you. Taking your hand off the back door and humbly and vulnerably admitting that “YES” this is what my heart truly desires. I am asking for this. I am praying for this. I am visioning for this. This is why I am doing this. I really desire this. This is your prayer. This is your affirmation.
Instead of worshiping your fears and rehearsing back door plan B scenarios with the precious resource of your MIND, heart and soul focus on and LOOK to where you want to go.

Then it’s time to surrender it all to the Divine Plan. Give it to God! Thy will be done. Detach yourself from the results. Rest in the nurturing waters of the divine Mother and learn to TRUST.

Be like the loving, open and vulnerable child again. TRUST!

Put ALL of your focus on to what you DESIRE and why you desire it.

And be of SERVICE.

Realize that you are an integral part of the Divine Plan and that you have a GIFT to share with your ideal clients. You are an ANSWERED prayer. Right now, your ideal client is in pain and crying and praying for help. Be of service! Get out of your own way and SERVE.

This is not about you. This is about the holy mission you and your soul chose to manifest in this life time. (Being that it’s Holy Week and all!!)

You created your business because you’ve had an awakening and you want to help other people. Let it be.


All things are possible with God/Love/Light/Source.

You can do this.

Your coaching assignment this week is to take your hand off of the BACK door knob and stop rehearsing Plan B and “what if” scenarios. For one WEEK put all of your love, energy, heart, passion and SOUL into your hearts desires, your passion, your WHY! Stay open, be vulnerable and let the Universe LOVE you and surprise you.

Can you do that?

Until next time my love!

Love and Mermaid Kisses,


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