Here are five ways to crush your goals and finish this day, this week, this month, this year better than you started it!

1. Clarity = cash! Own your desires and decide what YOU want to create. Get specific. Get clear. Get focused. Get pumped and fired up about what you want. I do this by writing my goals down every day for at least 10 minutes. I also leverage the cycles of the moon by writing down my goals and intentions on the New Moon, and then on the full moon, I “bake” my goals in the light of the moon. Write your goals down on pretty paper with your favorite colored pen or marker, and post them in your office, bedroom, wallet, bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else you will see them and remind yourself of what YOU want.

If you don’t know what you want, you’ll never get it!
2. Track your goals. Write down how much money you receive every DAY. I track my income in a spreadsheet, a wall calendar, on a clip board in my office, and in my bank account every day. Whatever you focus on expands.

3. Take massive aligned action toward your goals on a consistent daily basis. You can’t just sit around and dream, visualize, and chant money mantras all day long. You actually need to pick up the phone, send the message, write the email, go to the event, book speaking gigs, book strategy sessions, find joint venture partners, host workshops virtually or live, and ASK for the SALE!! You will never ever make your goals if you do NOT ask for the sale. You need to be asking/selling every day in some way or the other. Otherwise you’re just running an expensive hobby.

4. Know when to surrender. It’s important to be in a white heat desire for your goals and desires. You need to learn to TRUST in yourself. Trust in your asking and trust that you will receive everything you desire- someday! It may not happen today or even this year but it will happen. I promise it will if you keep taking action, want it badly enough, and you constantly think and feel your goals. Learn to be unattached to the time line which will then free you up to let lose and let the Uni deliver!

5. Never give up- 95% of success is just showing UP. Be relentless. Focused. Diligent. And, if you never ever give up, you will blow past 97% of the people who said they wanted a BIG life and big goals. But they didn’t have what it takes to preserver. Stay steady, ready, and focused, and you will make your mark.

If you want help with HOW to meet your goals, the in’s and out’s of the marketing, strategizing and JFDI action, send me a PM and if I feel I can help, I’ll send you an application for a breakthrough session.
Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be crushing your BIG goals in no time!


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