When you realize that you are a powerful creator who can create anything and everything you desire, your whole life shifts to magic!

I’ve been using the power of manifestation, affirmations, mantras and the law of attraction consciously since I was 18 (which was a LONG time ago).

Sometimes I get sucked back into old habits, programs and patterns and forget my magic. Can you relate?

That’s why I developed this daily practice and would love to share it with you.

Get up before everyone else in your family and give yourself time with your journal for this

  • Step # 1 ASK for what you want. Be really honest with yourself and give yourself permission to TRULY ask for what you want. Write it all down. You can specifically ASK for what you want TODAY or this month or this year. Just ask for what you want. Write it down. 🙂


  • Step # 2 Believe- Write out why you believe you can have this and ask for this now. Examples: I am worthy. I am deserving. There are no limits. Abundance is my birth right. There is an abundance of what I am asking for. It is overflowing, endless, countless, infinite, renewable unwavering flow to me now. Write out what you need to believe in order to receive what your heart desires.


  • Step # 3 Expect- Now that you have asked and you believe, you need to get into a high state of expectation. that it is on it’s way to you now. How would you feel if you knew that it was coming to you now? Write what you would expect. Example: I am open. I am excited. I am believing. It is done. It’s actually already here. I am allowing it through my energy, passion and feeling in my belly. I feel it. I am so excited. It is here now. Woo hoo!!! Then go throughout your day EXPECTING it.


  • Step # 4 ActWrite out today’s actions that you will take to receive and serve what you are asking for. And then act in full FAITH that your every action, breath and move is bringing you your desires. 🙂 Take action. Move the needle. Do not waver, wait or waist time. Act now.


  • Step # 5 Receive Let yourself receive with grace and gratitude. No need to be cocky about what a powerful manifestor you are, let it be your little secret love affair with life and know that you are SOOOOO loved, adored and cherished by the Divine. And let yourself receive, receive, receive.


Repeat the cycle again tomorrow.



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