I spent the past week upleveling my business with a professional new video shoot in California followed by a retreat with some of today’s hottest 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs.

Getting live in person with your tribe raises your thinking and what is possible and takes your biz to a whole new level. That’s one of the reasons why I love hosting my own events!

Here are a few of my takeaways from the event for you!

1. Don’t expect to get the same results from email marketing as we once did! (Bummer!) Email open rates have plummeted, audiences are interacting on multiple platforms, and the majority of consumers are using mobile so if your subject lines aren’t catchy, you’ll be swiped and deleted from their phone.

2. You must diversify your platform. Where do your ideal clients hang out on social media? Pick 1-3 strong platforms and connect with them simultaneously. Develop a strategy and consistently stick to it.  You can see me doing this on my Facebook biz page.

3. The simplest way to scale your business is to simplify your biz model. For example, I love being live and bonding in person with my tribe vs launching online every 6 weeks like I used to back in the day. I simplified my model to running 1 to 2 events a year and easily filling my multi-tiered high end master mind with awesome clients during one 3 day event. So much easier and more fun for me and them!

4. In order to sell more, make more and triple your income; you must SELL yourself on YOU and your products and programs. If you do not believe, how can you expect your peeps to buy? They will sniff that a mile away and go buy from somebody who IS sold on themselves!

6. Look around, everyone is on their phone (annoying but you do it too!)! Make your marketing easy to consume in bite size nuggets using multiple communication platforms such as video, audio, copy and images. Don’t resist the trends! Stay on top of them.

7. Use the power of story to connect emotionally, mentally and spiritually with your tribe. Here’s an example.

I never learned how to do my own hair (it’s naturally curly) but I love having it done and the end result of it looking gorgeous.  I went to this event and I new I needed to bring my A-game and look more “put together + professional”.


Company Logo


A couple of my soul sisters and I rented a house together and they always look gorgeous and put together so I asked one of the women to teach me how to use her curling iron! It was so easy. My hair looked HOT. I felt confident about myself for learning a new skill and feeling good with awesome hair. Serious win for me!

And there was also some serious personal healing in this exchange for me.

I remember when I was a little girl, my 3 ex-step sisters would spend the weekend in the bathroom beautifying themselves with makeup, curling irons and a ton of hairspray getting ready for a night of roller skating and I was TOTALLY left out and not welcomed in. It hurt. 🙁

And the craziest part was that I had massive vivid dreams in California all about the house we grew up in. Obviously my soul was trying to heal on a deeper level this weekend.

Cool story, huh?

I’ve got way more nuggets to share with you in weeks to come!

What was your favorite nugget and more importantly what will you do differently or implement after reading this? #JFDI!



P.S. Come to my event next month! www.AmandaMoxley.com/event

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