The journey to your BEST body is an adventureThe journey to your BEST body is an adventure of awakening to your spirit. Welcome!  Whatever stage you are in on your unique body and soul journey is perfect.

The real reason you’re fat or holding on to extra weight is NOT your fault on the conscious level. The real reason you’re fat is a much deeper issue than calories in and calories out!  If it were as simple as that, 75% of Americans would NOT be overweight.

I’m sure like me you have tried your fair share of diets, cleanses and magic pills.  You may have lost a few pounds and kept if off for a few weeks or months but then it came back again with a vengeance and so did your cravings and anger at yourself or your body for not being able to keep “it” off.

Let’s dive deeper. Ask your body this: “Why are you holding on to this weight?”.

Is it protection?  Anger?  Sadness?  Fear?  Revenge?

I held onto weight because it wasn't safe for me to be hot and healthyFor me, I now know that I held onto weight and stayed fat because it wasn’t safe for me to be hot and healthy and totally in my power as a teenager or young woman.

The weight for me was all of the above – protection, anger, fear, sadness – and yet I felt trapped in this body and I hated it.

The fat or extra pounds on your body is a blessing. It is purely a symptom of a much deeper issue and until you make the decision to go within and heal, no diet or meal plan in the world can save you or at least allow you to be fully at peace and happy in your body.

It’s time to WAKE up and live your soul’s purpose in a body you feel gorgeous in.

It’s time to feel your feelings all the way through and to say YES to living your dreams and manifesting your deepest desires.

It’s a spiritual awakening.

Now is a time for you to return to love, gratitude and your natural state of joy.

Are you surviving on chemical-covered junk food?It starts with the food you choose to nourish your body. Are you nourishing your body with your breath and real whole organic foods from the earth?  Or are you surviving on chemical-filled artificial junk foods?  Your body is NOT meant to eat junk food.  If you want a junk body, eat junk food.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a diet or a regime.

In the beginning you will have to re-educate yourself about what is healthy and what really is NOT healthy even though it says it’s healthy on the box.  When you start eating healthfully, YOU WILL be different than your friends and family.  You will become a leader.

The vibrancy of your food will increaseAs the vibrancy of your food increases, your mind will become sharp and clear.  You will start making decisions from your heart and soul rather than from your past conditioning.  You will become more courageous and more full of love and possibility.  You will heal old wounds and then in time the “weight” will loosen it’s grip and  WILL fall off because it no longer serves a purpose.

You will shine.

I know all of this is true because I AM a living example of it.

You can take what you want from this article and leave the rest.  I know that it is DEEP and not the ordinary dialogue on such a topic as weight loss, but I know it is TRUE.

I feel your pain, stress and sadness over your body and food journey. I intimately know the challenges of being a woman in conflict with her food and body and trapped in the fear of scarcity and lack.

Today, I stand beyond the pain and drama of the Body Barrier™Today, I stand beyond the pain and drama of the Body Barrier™ and I am grateful.

I know that your physical life is a divine gift to be celebrated and transformed and lived to your fullest potential. I am holding this space for you to step into.  I see you!  You deserve all that is in your BIG loving heart and you can have IT!  But first you have to make the decision to live your life fully and not waste another day trapped in your Body Barrier™.

I’d love to support you in moving beyond your Body Barrier™ to hel p you ignite the fire from within and claim your deepest desires and dreams.

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