Be the woman you were born to be.

Yes, you.

You know who you are!

Enough is enough with the slacking and the coasting and the pretending to be someone you are not.

Enough with hiding out, playing small and being invisible.

It’s time to rise up.

Coaching Exercise:

Journal for 20 minutes today about where you want to be exactly 1 year from today. Write out all of the visions, desires and dreams in the present positive tense as if they are happening now.

Then start acting AS IF you are this woman.

Embody her.
Dress like her.
Wake up like her.
Schedule yourself like her.
Surround yourself with peeps she would hang out with.
Have boundaries like her.
Speak like her.
Eat like her.
Exercise like her.
Say no like her.
Say “YES” like her.
Create like her.
Show up as her.
Shine like her.
Take bold actions like her.
Invest like her.
Cleanse out clutter like her.
Make space for her.

Ask yourself habitually “would a woman who is living (fill in the blank with your vision or money goal) do this or be this”.

This will help you align yourself to your ultimate reality.

No more slacking!

Have a great day my loves!



P.S. Share your vision in the comments below! XO

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