How do you go from just getting by, making little money to creating a successful freedom based business that allows you to work 4 hours a day from anywhere around the world?

Salt Lake City PortraitsWhat a great question!

Here’s how I did it and below I’ll give you my cliff notes to make it RAIN in your biz!

  • In 2006 I quit my secure JOB and secure future as Certified Social Worker (I was on my way to take over my mom’s successful therapy practice).


  • From 2006-2010 I hustled my bunz off in my local community through speaking engagements, teaching and working with 20+ clients as a Health Coach and Bikram Yoga teacher. I averaged $40k a year (I wonder if I would have hired a coach in these first years if it would have taken me so long to get to 6 figures!)


  • From 2009-2011 I hired my first biz coach and in the first 2 years invested $35k in coaching. I built the foundation for my online biz (brand, website, message, programs, packages, retreats, started believing in myself etc). Again my income averaged $40K to $50K a year.


  • In April 2011, I made $54,000 in 6 weeks selling my health coaching programs for 5K (this was my first income leap for me considering the years before I made $50K a YEAR). By September 2011, I crossed the 6 figure mark- selling tiered group health coaching programs ranging from $1K to $10K.


  • In 2012 – I transitioned into being a biz and money coach. Moved my family to Hawaii for 3 months. Earned $187K in biz income!


  • In 2013 – I FINALLY found my sweet spot!! Worked with over 150 ideal clients in various tiers of my programs. Lived in Hawaii for 3+ months. Hosted my first live event with 70 women from around the world. Earned $333K in income!


  • 2014-Sold my house in 24 hours then manifested our dream home days later. Serving over 150 ideal clients in various levels of my programs. Intending on closing the year at 400K.

I’m sharing this with you to not impress you but to impress UPON you, what IS possible for you! I bet you can manifest MORE success even faster than I did especially if you receive the right support and mentorship while healing your money core and setting up your marketing systems. (All of which I am eager to teach you how to do!)

Salt Lake City Portraits

Looking back, I “wasted” 3 years trying to figure it out on my own. It wasn’t until I invested in coaching and I DECIDED it was my time to make money that I actually started making money!

Since you’re my little sister on this journey, allow me to give you the cliff notes:

1. Decide it’s your time to make money, and I mean A LOT of money!

2. Hire a mentor/coach who has created the success you want and who is great at both the inner work of healing your money core as well as HOW to build a profitable business.

3. Commit to healing your money core and transforming your wealth consciousness for the next 12 months. No excuses. You must program your mind to success, abundance, prosperity, flow and ease.

4. Think and take ACTION like an entrepreneur. Throw away your safety net. Go ALL in! Act as if failure is NOT an option. You will succeed no matter what.

5. Find a new tribe. Surround yourself with other successful, abundant, healthy and wealthy soul sisters. Sure you can keep your old friends but it’s OK for you to GROW, expand and evolve into your healthy wealthy VISION of yourself and sometimes that means that old friendships will transform.

6. Feel the fear and do it anyway.  You can turn this fear into excitement and rock out your life or you can let the fear cripple you. You choose!

7. JFDI (just f’in do it!). Take consistent, focused, intentional ACTION towards your GOALS and dreams every day. You simply can NOT be successful by staying on the sidelines and watching all of the PLAYERS.

I know what it takes to create a profitable heart based biz and it’s not rocket science! You can do this! That’s why I am pumped up to mentor, teach and coach the women reading this who are ready to make it RAIN in their business over the next 12 months in my VIP Rain Maker program.

Salt Lake City Portraits

Having the right mentor who believes in YOU and sees YOU and who can teach you how to OWN your voice, raise your prices, receive your worth, make money, market your message, get out of your own way and get on the WORLD stage will make all of the difference in you making 6+ figures.

You can do this with the right mentoring support!

Here’s what you’ll receive as a Rain Maker VIP client:

  • 24 Monthly Private 50-minute coaching/ Mentoring Sessions with Amanda (via phone) (Value= $25,000)
  • Individual ½ Day VIP Intensive with Amanda (via Skype or live) (Value= $5,000)
  • VIP Concierge with Ongoing Access to Amanda’s Eyes on Your Business + Life (Value = $33,000)
  • 2 LIVE In Person Full Day Master Mind Retreat Intensives with Amanda (Value = $10,000)
  • 2, one day Rain Maker Live master mind retreats with Amanda (Value= $10,000)
  • 12 Monthly Deep Dive Biz Training Calls & Audio Mp3’s (Value = $6,000)
  • 12 Monthly Deep Dive Guidebooks + Audio’s (Value = $6,000)
  • Membership to the Money Core Master Mind to transform your money story to wealth and abundance with Amanda
  • 12 Monthly Money Core Deep Dive Training Calls & Audio Mp3’s (Value = $6,000)
  • 12 Monthly Entrepreneurial Sisterhood Q&A + Laser Coaching Calls (Value = $6,000)
  • Private Forum with mandatory weekly action, accountability & support (Value = $6,000)


BONUS: 1 Virtual Planning Day (December 2014)

3 hour online work shop to release 2014 and plan for 2015

  • Digital Copy of Amanda Moxley’s Healthy Wealthy Biz School (Value = $3,000)
  • Digital Copy of Amanda Moxley’s Legendary End Yo’ Money Drama course (Value = $1,000)
  • Digital Copy of Amanda Moxley’s Money Core program (Value = $1,000)


BONUS: Ticket to my Fall 2015 LIVE EVENT AND 1 free guest ticket too!

How awesome is this?

Feel into your heart right now. Are you ready to RECEIVE this level of support, accountability and mentorship? If yes, CLICK HERE to complete an application.

Group photo

Please note this is not a cheap program due to the high level of support, time, energy, commitment and focus. I trust you can feel and see the value of this transformational container.

The Rain Maker master mind is available by application only and there are only 4 divine spaces available for the next year because I want to be able to give you my ALL!

To apply to be one of my 4 Rain Makers  this year CLICK HERE!

Salt Lake City Portraits

I will review your application and if it feels like a divine fit, we will schedule a heart to heart call. We must receive your application by November 13, 2014.

Sound good?

Take the LEAP and learn to fly.

If it’s YOUR time – apply to be a Rain Maker here!



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