When I got started as an entrepreneur, one of my biggest frustrations with coaches was that they wanted to put me in a box.

I was a health coach, so I was supposed to talk about certain things and not about others, like spirituality or wealth. Then when I shifted into being a business coach, I got some coaches telling me that I shouldn’t talk about my clients’ wounded inner child or my own spiritual beliefs, or post pictures on Facebook of me wearing a mermaid tail.

Guess what? I didn’t end up working with those people.

Look, most of them mean well. They have their recipe for success that worked for them, so now they want to rinse and repeat for everyone else. (I think they’re actually a little scared of multi-passionate peeps because they don’t know what to do with us!)

Today, if you’re multi-passionate like me, and like so many other entrepreneurs, it’s a gift. It lets you bring fresh, unique dimensions to your work with clients. It makes you stand out. And your clients are drawn to you for it!

(This is one of the things that makes clients come to you, instead of you chasing them. Because they can’t get your secret sauce anywhere else.)

It breaks my heart that so many women are listening to the voices that tell them to deny and cut off big, juicy parts of themselves, in an effort to “stay in their lane” or “stay on brand.”

If you do it right, your many passions can –and should — BE your brand!!

The trick is to tell your story in a way that makes sense and makes all the wonderful parts of you come together in a coherent, powerful way. (So that your future clients say “wow!” and not WTF?)

How do you do that? Well, the first thing you’re going to need is some outside perspective. So many of my clients come to me in a state of confusion and frustration, struggling sometimes for years, not knowing how all their many facets fit together — when it takes me about five minutes to figure it out.

(Yeah, I’m good at it…but I have a head start of having that outside perspective, and now that I’ve worked with so many people, spotting their secret sauce is fun and easy!)

Want to jump on the phone with me or one of my Breakthrough coaches and get some clarity?

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Keeping it 100: If it’s a fit, one of us will tell you about my Moxley Method 90-Day Speak Your Way to Success program, a done-with-you mentorship where we co-create your signature speech and platform. The program offers a winning combo of self-guided study, written feedback, plus live group and one-on-one mentorship with me.

What is doesn’t do is force you to be like me, or anyone else! There’s plenty of room for you to “do you” while still building a successful business based on some proven strategies (one of which is speaking!)

Sound good? Let’s talk!! Go here to schedule a session.

Boxes may be good for giving gifts — but not for stuffing yours inside one! Let’s find a way to let you have all your passions and success too.

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