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My trip to the Bahamas was beyond luxurious! I’ve known these girls for 25 years. It was like coming home. We stayed in a luxurious private ocean front home, with our own chef, house keeper, boat and boat captain!! I felt like a Queen!

The girl’s and I were talking about what we were letting go of in our 30’s and what we were intending to call in in the next decade. At the time, we were on a sunset boat ride enjoying an O’Henry cocktail or two. I declared that I was letting go of my GOALS! HA!

I’m done with pushing toward money goals. Before I left for Hawaii, I looked around my bedroom and all of the books I had in my room were about money. I thought, “if I die and someone comes into my room.. what does this say?” When I returned from Kauai, I took all of my money books to my office shelves and I haven’t read a money book since (it’s been 21 days!) I’ve replaced them with mystical spiritual books that I LOVE!

I had spent an entire decade studying about money, business, marketing and manifesting and I feel complete with that!

king fishBack to the boat, my best friends were telling me “Amanda, you just need to BE YOU!” At that moment, our boat captain notified us that our fishing lines had a bite. I raced down from the deck to the back of the boat, grabbed the fishing rod and reeled the massive fish in! It was sooo hard! My arms were burning! I didn’t think I could do it physically but everyone was cheering me on (which frankly was annoying!) Finally, after what seemed like forever, I had caught the KING fish! It was the first fish in 3 days that we caught that was edible! And it was massive, a 28 pounder with BIG teeth!

I’ll take it as a sign. I’m fully surrendering my business, my life and my future to the divine, to the light, to the truth. Why am I telling you this?

Good question. The reason I am sharing this with you is because, we’re all one. I am a reflection of you. And if the pushing, striving and stressing is not working for you anymore, I suggest it’s time to let go, allow and align yourself to your true heart’s desires. What do you really want? Be honest with yourself.

As a go getter, it’s easy to take massive action and to get shiz done. You’ve mastered that. It’s a new challenge to learn to trust yourself, listen, feel, use your intuition and allow yourself to be shown the way. Follow the signs!

We’re living in the most exciting time on Earth’s history! Gone are the should’s, the have to’s and the doing something just for the money! You have your heart’s desires for a reason, friends! Honor that!


My goal was to be a millionaire by the time I was 40.  I looked at my life as it is today and I have everything I ever wanted! I have a gorgeous (HOT) soul mate who is in love with me, a sweet soulful son and a mermaid daughter.

An amazingly fulfilling business that supports all of us while living in our dream house with 360 degree mountain views, a team of assistants fulfilling tasks I suck at and a ton of quality friends and clients who I love! And I get to live in Kauai, Hawaii a few months out of the year with tons of free time to BE with my family and to exercise and play and be!

I’m not sharing this to brag. The weird thing was, when I was pushing for my goals, I didn’t think what I had was good enough (lack mindset). I compared myself to my millionaire soul sisters and I thought I wasn’t enough. Moments like this.. you gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Still there’s a lot more that I want to accomplish in my business. My mission is to help unlock the money channels of millions around the world. To set the captives free and to wake everyone I meet up to the simplicity and ease of abundance. I want you to know YOU ARE LOVED. You are safe. You are a powerful creator working with the DIVINE to create your heaven on earth. And MONEY LOVES YOU!!

I’m surrendering my life to the divine. I give up my goals. I am letting the river of life gently and joyfully rock me to my heart’s destiny. I’ve mastered the JFDI action and now I am listening to the divine MOTHER. I am trusting the feminine and letting her surprise me with her LOVE and tenderness.

My intention is that you will hear a juicy gem in here. I will say that in the start of one’s business, there is a lot of ACTION and doing required to build the masculine structures to support you and your biz so don’t give up and just go and lay on the beach and visualize! Find your balance of the two.

Practice listening and hearing the SOUL of your business and then ACTING from there vs. doing, doing doing. Get yourself aligned with your heart’s desires and then take massive inspired action from there. Embody the JAGUAR medicine. Pounce when it’s time to pounce.  J

If you’ve been hustling, trying to make shiz happen, pushing and striving and you’re getting signs that it’s NOT working maybe it’s time to LET IT ALL GO!


This reminds me of my 20’s when I struggled with emotional eating and body and weight obsession. I realized that I was focusing 80% of my time, energy, thought, feeling and emotion on what I ate or didn’t eat, how much I exercised or didn’t exercised etc. I coined it the Body Barrier™. I realized that my clients (as a health coach) were also spending 80% of their energy on their food and body.  So what I did for myself and for my clients was help them CHANNEL that 80% into what they really WANTED and then finally when the focus and obsession stopped and was transferred to their desires, the weight fell off, the body balanced out. Body transformation was a juicy benefit to LIVING their heart’s desires.

All of this to say, I think it’s time that ALL of us STOP focusing on MONEY and making it happen and put that energy and FOCUS into what you really want and then BUILD and ENJOY that! And then WATCH the MONEY flow into your life with ease and always WAY before you need it.

Loosen up my dear friend about this money thing. Let IT GO!! Go fly a KITE!! Get a massage, go to the park, have tea with a friend, sleep in, go see Cinderella, you get the idea sister! Get your mind off of it!!

If you’re ready to move beyond your Money Barrier for good, I have something very special for you.  It’s called the Finding the Pearl Within POP your biz mini coaching package and it’s for women who are ready to finally End Their Money Drama and POP their BIZ now. I am fired up and passionate as ever to support you in this new energy of Spring! Find out more here…LINK.

Love and mermaid kisses,



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