February 6, 2014
Volume IX, Issue 214
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Aloha Love,3 years ago this month, I hit my “rock bottom”. At that time, I had drained my savings, was in debt for the first time and had only $200 in my bank account. And I am the primary KALE winner of my family!!

 : Hammer Aiming For Piggy Bank It was scary and awful because I’d never been in such dire  straights financially. I knew I was a good coach and that I was  born to help others and I was meant to LIVE a seriously  awesome adventurous amazing life. But I was stuck and flat  out scared. I felt like I was pregnant but my baby was seriously  WAY over DUE!

 I felt so impregnated with possibility, love, passion, fire and  drive but the clients were not coming in and the money was not there for me. What was wrong?

Lots of stuff…. Actually!

I did not believe in myself. I thought “who am I”? I felt insecure about myself, my value and my services.  : profit, risk, lost - text in 3d color gear wheels, business concept words

I didn’t think/feel I could charge more than $3k for 6 months of coaching. And if I did, I felt emotionally responsible and personally responsible for my client’s results.

I had a TON of limiting beliefs about money. I thought that charging “too” much was wrong, unspiritual and that no one would pay it.

* I felt like my parents would save me if I really fell on my face but this kept me out of my power financially. If I had a back door open I could rely on that and avoid getting in my power financially.

* I thought someone was going to save me.

* I didn’t want to seem salesy. I believed that promoting myself was salesy and wrong and I shouldn’t do that. So I stayed invisible and rarely made an offer.

Can you see how I made all “THIS” about ME! I was seriously standing in my way with my big LIMITING beliefs about money and my own self esteem issues.

I’m sharing this with you because you’re probably going through something very similar – if you’re not making the money you desire and living the freedom based lifestyle you desire. 

So how did I turn that rock bottom into my greatest VICTORY? 

1) I drew the line in the sand. I proclaimed that I was no longer available to struggle financially. I put a fork in my f’in money story!

2) I put myself in the game! I became a player rather than sitting on the bench watching everyone else rock their awesome lives!

3) I f’in focused on my goals and desires. I launched a program with a goal to enroll 12 peeps at 5k =60k. Within 6 weeks, I received $54k! 6 months later I crossed 6 figures and have doubled it every year since.

4) I got seriously VISIBLE. I hosted a free call every week to my list, shot a million videos, partnered with key players who shared my ideal clients. I gave live talks at my yoga studios. 

5) I reprogrammed my beliefs about money with the help of wealth consciousness books, working with my mentor and with my master mind soul sisters.

6) I closed the BACK door. I made it clear to my parents that I was in it to win it and that I was unavailable to be rescued by them financially. I was going to JFDI myself. That was HUGE! I had to grow UP!

7) I kept and keep saying YES even if I do not know HOW or even if I do NOT have the money. I learned to TRUST and merge entire being with GOD/LOVE/SOURCE and my faith has delivered miracle after miracle often and most times at the 11th hour.

8) I did what it took. I persevered through fierce raging fear storms in the middle of the night over and over again. It is always darkest before the dawn!

9) I continuously invest at a high level for mentorship because I choose to immerse myself with mentors who have what I desire and who can teach me how to get there. I have not white knuckled this by myself!

10) I started to focus on how can I SERVE? How can I help others? How can I create community? How can I lead, teach, mentor, coach and create a bigger impact on the planet? Moving into service and out of sales/survival has allowed me to teach and guide women from all over the world in my different programs and events and of course I’m living the good life as a result!

How can you make your rock bottom story your greatest victory?

What in my story can you relate to, learn from and apply in your life?

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This month, get in the GAME! Become a player! #JFDI!

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