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We’re 30 days into the New Year and I’m wondering how you’re doing with poppin’ your biz and life to your next level? Are you on track with your 2014 goals and intentions? If not, how can you get back on track now?

I’m back from my 4 days in Park City, leading my Rain Maker and Fire Starter Journey to Paradise Master Mind clients! I LOVED being LIVE and in community with my clients as much as I love having a portable BIZ, being LIVE rocks!

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With the help of Wasatch Adventure guides, we went snowshoeing in the gorgeous mountains at SUNSET! I loved watching some of the women transform their fears of the cold dark and unknown into power! Going to their edge and successfully overcoming their fears gave them confidence in their businesses. They felt more powerful and realized if they can do “that” then they can also overcome FEARS in their businesses. So true!

On day two, we connected it all together through a gentle yoga practice led by yours truly. Once the muscles were relaxed and the mind was calm we dove deep into specific business strategy and mindset skills they needed to meet their soul money goals.

We especially went deep into WHY and what stops them from claiming their goals.Lots of stuff came up like.. “if I make my own money, I’ll be seen as a bank to my family and friends. Or people will leave me or peeps will judge me. Or I will have to grow up and not be dependent on family or a spouse. Or I’ll have to leave my partnership.” Etc.

If you’re not making the money you SAY you want to make, I encourage you to GO DEEPER. Why are you afraid of making the money? What’s at stake for you if you really make the money you SAY you want to make? Once you uncover this ROOT you’ll see why YOU have been the ONLY one standing in YOUR way of making money.

Could it really be that easy? YES!

And of course, maybe your messaging is off. Or maybe you are not clear enough and communicating effectively enough the PAIN or problem you solve. There is a lot to look at and that’s why it’s vital to work with a mentor or coach that you alignwith and who can teach you both the inner and outer skills you must have in order to POP your biz!

If I’m your gal, let me know because my Healthy Wealthy Biz School is starting soon! Watch your inbox for an invitation soon! If I’m not your gal, no worries! Just get yourself the support you need from the right person so you can look back at 2014 and say that was the year I popped!!

And one last thing.. have you received your free pass to the POP in 2014 international telesummit event I’ve been hosting all week?

Register here!!

You’re going to hear from 12 super successful  6 and 7 figure female entrepreneurs who were where you could be now. We’re going DEEP and opening up and sharing our secrets, biggest mistakes and ultimate breakthrough moments on how we Popped!

Btw.. be sure to watch this week’s feature video on how to stop waiting until you’re perfect to POP your biz!

Have a great weekend!

Abundantly yours,

Money is a renewable resource!

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