January 16, 2014
Volume IX, Issue 211
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OMG! It’s full throttle over here at AMOX HQ! 2014 is ON like Donkie Kong! Behind the scenes the past month we’ve been creating my new branded Amanda Moxley.com site, organizing a global telesummit event with 12 industry leaders,planning the first ever Journey to Paradise Master Mind retreat which is happening next week in Park City, Utah and then switching over to a new software company! I love it all!

Expanding, growing and running your biz can require a lot of moolah! I can not be bothered with worrying and stressing out about HOW to fund it all. But it wasn’t always like this! I use to be a hot mess of stress and fear about money!

In this week’s article, I’m going to teach you how to Demand, Command and RECEIVE all the money you need to fuel and fund your biz and your dream lifestyle. 

I’m so excited to share this 3 step formula with you! It takes a minute to get it but once you do, you’ll TOUCH your POWER and remember what an ALCHEMIST you truly are!

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Abundantly yours,

How to Demand, Command and RECEIVE all the money you need to fuel and fund your biz and your dream lifestyle. 

Let me break it down for you! Gawd it’s a big topic and I can talk all day about this and I do with my clients but for today’s ezine let me make it easy for you.

Step 1: For every demand there is always a supply.

You must get comfortable with demanding your good from the divine/source/god/ universe/love. You can not just wish or hope for your money or your desires to come true. You need to get fierce and in your power and DEMAND your demonstration.

Running a successful biz costs money and you need money to fund it.

Here’s an example of my recent demand for supply. I was talking to God and I said… “Yo Big Daddy… I’m working my arse off over here and all of this growth requires money. I don’t know how it’s coming but that ain’t my business! You handle IT!!”

Then I let it go. I turned it over in full faith knowing that my biz was to focus on my business and keep working. I put my 100% trust and faith in the Universe/God to HANDLE it.

It’s like when I ask Johnn to go shopping at Costco because I strongly dislike going in there and he handles it. DONEski!

Step 2: You must COMMAND your desire into existence.

You must speak the word of  your demand in full faith.  Saying something like this “I am no longer available for stressing or worrying about money that was so 2008!!”

Calm : Japanese zen garden with stone in sand Stock Photo

I demand and command (what I desire)  ___________________ by ____________ (date.) Bring it to me  now.

 And then go about your business knowing in full faith it is  COMING to you. It’s not your business HOW, your only JOB is to BELIEVE that it IS coming!

Step 3: Receive

I find this is the hardest part because our receiving/desirability/worth “issues” can get triggered at this stage. That lil’ WC1 (wounded child) can show up and start feeling insecure, unworthy and not enough. She can sabotage your success if you do not catch it early enough.

The simplest and easiest solution to “handling” your WC1 (wounded child) is to Woman Writing : Beautiful woman daydreaming as she lies on the floor writing in her diary or journaljournal with her. Get out all of your fears, worries, insecurities and doubts on to paper and OUT of your mind and body. (True story, the last time I journaled with my WC1 the moment I put my pen down, my phone rang and the woman calling wanted to join one of my coaching programs! Instant manifestation and money in the bank!!)

You’ve got to realize that when you win, others win. When you receive your desires you are actually helping another sister on the path.

You must get out of your OWN way and become the channel for your good.

It’s not about you sister! You are the messenger. Money comes from source not from people. Money flows through you and to you so you can help others on the path.

Breathe into your belly. Lean back. Relax your shoulders down your back. Take a bath or a nap and allow yourself to rest and receive your desires.

Remember how LOVED you are and that this is a benevolent universe that wants you to have your every desire. 

This does not mean that you are NOT taking action because in the demand and command phases you are taking massive inspired action toward your demonstration. But in the receiving stage you are receiving. 

Got it? Good!

Demand, Command and Receive!

Abundantly yours,

It’s safe for me to RECEIVE!

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