February 13, 2014
Volume IX, Issue 215
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I’m back from 72 hrs with Wealth Consciousness teacher and self growth master Bob Procter. Wow!! Anything is possible after being in his vortex! He is 80 and is filled with energy, power and passion. I’m so grateful to have been able to learn from this master. Let’s talk about security. Are you waiting to be saved financially? Are you afraid of your future? No matter how hard you work and how much you do, do you still feel like you won’t be taken care of financially? Security is an illusion! HA! Security comes from within. Success is an inside job.

I’ve struggled with feeling “secure” my whole life. My parents divorced when I was two and those early childhood years were very rocky and unstable for me.

I was tossed between houses every couple of days. I lived in 9 different places growing up and each parent was divorced twice! I created an ambiguous bond with my primary caregivers and thus the world has never felt very secure for little Amanda! Now, I’m not here to do my therapy on you! LOL! I want to illustrate the roots of feeling insecure financially.

 By the way.. none of this was  apparent to me until I started my own  biz (the ultimate self development  course on the planet) and started to  heal my f’ed up money story! You  peel off different layers at a time!

 Look at your relationship with money.  Do you fear that it will not be here for  you? Do you fear that it will leave  you? Even when you have it, do you  fear it won’t last long? Do you push  yourself to work really hard because  then you’ll have money and then  you’ll feel secure? Start to uncover  what is really going on with your  relationship with money.

 Money is currency and currency is  energy. Energy can not be created  nor destroyed. It simply is energy.

The underlying feelings, thoughts and emotions you have about money can be directly linked to your relationship with your little child self what I like to call your WC1 (wounded child). Your WC is so powerful that it can BLOCK your WC2 (wealth consciousness).

Awareness is the first step. We definitely do not want our little 7 year olds  to be running our business and money matters!

How do you feel secure? How do you create financial security in your life? Having a certain amount in the bank can be one solution but ultimately it’s about creating security from within. To help you feel secure answer these questions.

What things make you feel secure and connected?

Make a list of 5 things that make you feel secure.

Displaying photo.JPGExample- creating something, being in nature, doing yoga, journaling and being intimate with someone.

Now that you have your list of 5 ways in which you feel secure and connected. Get out your calendar and schedule in when you will DO all of these 5 things. You MUST make TIME for YOU!

Schedule it in, right now!

When you consciously choose to engage in the activities that make you feel SECURE you will feel more secure and you will be in harmony with receiving more money, joy and ease all of which will bring you even more security!

Displaying photo.JPG One last tip, learn to go within. Give  yourself 10 minutes daily to  meditate. Simply set your timer for 10  minutes and sit and breathe and be.  Meditation connects you to your  body, your breath and your source.  You will feel so SECURE after and  during meditation.

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I am a lean lovin’ millionairess on a mission with a vision to unlock the money channels of millions!

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