amanda yogaI had a conversation this week which required me to fully stand in my power as a woman in business. It was uncomfortable because I’d prefer to be “nice and liked” but it was a requirement that I take a stand for my needs and desires. Afterwards, I felt like a BOSS!!

I felt so powerful and strong. Being strong and powerful is not always easy, right? Think about what it takes to be strong in your BODY, it requires conscious mindful eating, sweat, breath, perseverance, stamina and endurance. It’s the same thing in business. You gotta be strong!

This week, I challenge you to be fully in your power in your business.

Here are 7 steps to help you get there:

1. Get crystal clear on what your needs are and why. Know and understand time, money and energy outputs in your biz and what your needs and desires are then stick BY THEM! Never budge or waver! Be brave!

2. Confidence = cash. Practice everything in your biz which is a weak point for you.. that could be your sales conversations, your 30 second “elevator speech”, your close after a talk, stating your program fees, videos, following up with potential clients, introducing yourself etc. You need to practice ALL of these aspects of your biz in order to make more and receive more money in your business.

4. Stop multitasking! Be present in the moment, rooted into the earth and focus on what is in front of you. When you’re a crazy scatter brain you dilute your potency and that is NOT client attractive.

5.  Stop doing shiz that drains your energy and that you hate doing in your biz. Delegate it to someone who is good at it and LOVES it! Take your power back and do what FEELS good to YOU!

6. Intention is everything. For every segment of your day, have a strong intention that guides you in that moment. Know what you want and create your life accordingly.

7. You didn’t come here to master survival. Stop worrying about money, instead put all of your intention and focus on bettering YOUR best and allowing your goals to manifest!



Do not waver.


Be fierce, be feminine, be free!



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