Life on Kauai is like being in heaven. Here’s a quick video sharing our Hawaiian digs and more importantly how we manifested it ALL! It’s weird how so many friends and acquaintances comment to us that they are jealous or that they “hate us.”  A long time ago, I learned that if you are jealous or envious of someone it’s because YOU are meant to have what they are modeling for you. You can actually THANK the person you envy for showing you what is possible.

Before we left on our tropical island retreat, I found myself shrinking and not wanting to tell anyone that we were going to take off to Hawaii for the summer. Well, I am happily declaring to YOU today that I am done with SHRINKING my light, my desires and my awesome life so that other’s won’t feel bad! Someone’s gotta raise the roof around here and really enjoy this precious GIFT of life!

So, how about you? Where are you shrinking in your life?

Let’s band together and blaze our LIGHT like a raging volcano of passion today!

Read on below in this week’s feature article about how you can manifest anything you desire including open ended tropical island retreats!

Love and Radiance,

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