Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii! Johnn, the kids and I are here for a few weeks enjoying the abundance and beauty of this gorgeous island. I love being able to work in my business while being ANYWHERE in the world. Woo hoo!

Many of us desire to lose weight and get thin overnight without making lifestyle changes or doing the necessary innercises it takes to transform our bodies from the inside out.  This week’s inspired article is for those of you who want to get thin for LIFE.  Here’s a BIG secret that no one is talking about: you have to go within!  This has been the secret to my successful body transformation and why 7 weeks post partum I am 100% confident I will get my body back and why I want to take you with me in the Lean Lovin’ Program starting in June.

Lean, Lovin' Moneymaking Machine 60-Day Program

I just hosted a free teleclass on this exact topic this week. Here’s the link for you to receive the audio mp3 if you’d like.  It was really good, if I may say so myself!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love and Radiance,

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