Check out the Mercedes Benz we manifested! Last week, I told Johnn that the multi-colored Honda Accord (with a zip tie on the seatbelt) we had rented was seriously out of alignment with my WC (wealth consciousness) but I was just going to suck it up! (Some old programs take a while to die!)

Anywho, Johnn had a hunch to go back to Island Cars to see if we could swap our car out. He actually asked if they had any Porsche’s half jokingly. The car dude, said….“nope but we have a Mercedes for $10 bucks more a day.”

The decision was a full bodied YES! I felt tons of energy run through my whole body especially in the root and second chakra.  So, now we are rolling in style! When you are out of alignment, you FEEL it! When you get back into alignment YOU radiate and vibrate at a higher frequency! Try it!

In this week’s feature article, I’m going to teach you a juicy manifesting tool I use and teach with my private clients! This one is not to be missed!

This week, I gratefully welcomed 29 wonderful and courageous women entrepreneurs from 5 different countries (UK, Australia, Canada, US and Singapore) into my Healthy Wealthy Biz School! (BTW..There’s still time to join us!)

I also kicked off my elite “I’m Poppin’ No Matter What” Group Master Mind with women from 3 different countries all while living and loving LIFE in Hawaii! YES! I am feeling super blessed!

Now it’s YOUR TURN!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world!
Abundantly yours,


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