gillianhunter_5501Pillar 1: Social entrepreneurship- you are in biz to make a difference. You’re cashing in on the American dream and you’re going to make a difference on the planet. You are leaving a legacy. You know that the world is on the brink of a new paradigm and that you can not sit on the sidelines anymore and wait for someone else to save us.

We are the ones the world has been waiting for. A percentage of our proceeds go to Save the Children and other Earth Based programs like the Sierra Club and the NRDC. We are entrepreneurs who are born to make a difference.

Pillar 2: Freedomista Biz Lifestyle- You want freedom. You want to live life out of the box and off the grid. You want to think for yourself. Raise your children the way you want to. Set your own schedule. Work when you want to work. You want it all.

You want to be present, available and conscious with your parenting. You want to be able to attend your childrens activities, pick them up from school and be able to take summers off to travel and be with them. You know that childhood is fleeting and you want to be there for them.

You want to be present and loving and invested in your relationship with your partner. You want to prioritize your love life and enjoy each other. You have a weekly date night and you date each other.
You want to be able to travel the world wide and deep.

You want financial freedom to never ever have to worry, struggle, fear or feel anxious about money. Money fear is a low vibration and you know that you’re smart, educated, powerful and gratefully beyond having to put all of your life force energy into survival.

You know that God has your back. You listen to Spirit and you TRUST in the abundance and unending flow of supply that is always available to you.

You want to be able to have your ultimate lifestyle if thats traveling in an RV touring the west or flying 1st class to Bali. You want to do what you want when you want.
You want to be an example for others that YES you can create your dream life.

Pillar 3: You want to live your life’s purpose and calling no matter what. You know you were born with a purpose and you know that your soul will not let you NOT live that purpose. Your purpose could be constantly evolving and growing because you are a transformational agent.

Like a serpent you shed your skin from time to time to release the old. It’s expected and necessary.

Pillar 4: Real, authentic, genuine, powerfully YOU. You don’t compare or compete with anyone else. You know who you are as a powerfully unique emanation of God and you fully express yourself through your voice and self expression.

Pillar 5: We are here for GOD. You are a spiritual being having a material experience. You see the light in others and in yourself. You love. You’re not materialistic or vain. You are a high vibe powerful woman or man who is here to spread love, be the light and be a beneficial presence on the planet.

Pillar 6: Respect. You respect your body by nourishing yourself with whole real food from the earth. Locally grown and always GMO free. You respect and honor the water you drink and bathe in.

You respect our planet by giving back to her through thought, action and love. We know that the Earth is our mother. We know our earth is a representation of our bodies, we respect our earth and ourselves.

Pillar 7: Sisterhood. We stand together. We love each other. We respect, honor and support one another. We know we are more alike than different. 1 out 5 of us has been sexually abused in some way or other in our life times. It breaks my heart.

Yet, we cover up in makeup and clothes and pit against each other. We are done with cutting each other down.

We heal together in circles and communities. We heal by doing our inner work and knowing we are whole, loved, pure, beautiful and divine.

We empower each other. We see ourselves in each other and we heal. We strengthen our self esteem. We learn to source from within and trust our intuition. We tap into our power. We change the fucking world with our power.

We do not hold back. We rise up and bring every other woman, man and child with us.

We are unstoppable.

We use our businesses and our voices to answer the call.

Thank you for letting me share. I am working behind the scenes on some new projects and I’d love to hear what are the pillars you are standing on and if you have a business what pillars are your business standing on?

Amanda Moxley

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