In this week’s feature article, I wanted to give you my secret manifesting launch strategy to help you in your next launch. I first came up with this formula back in 2011 during my first quantum leap from 200 bucks to $54,000 in 6 weeks! Now I use it for ALL of my launches and it works like a charm.  Enjoy! 

Magic Manifesting Launch Secret # Know your soul money goal. If you don’t have your soul money goal yet, you can download your own template here. ..

If you do know your Soul Money Goal- sweet! You need to know this so that you can really OWN IT, feel it and get excited about this number.

Answer these questions in your journal:

  • What is your SOUL Money Goal for your launch?
  • Why do you want this money?
  • What will you do with this money?
  • Where will this money be contained?

You need to get excited about your soul money launch goal! When you’re excited and filled with desire, it’s so much easier to manifest what you want! FEEL IT- baby!

Magic Manifesting Launch Secret # 2 In this step, feel into and decide how many women/people/clients you desire to serve, support and work with in your program.

Your heart knows what you really want even though your ego might be telling you a BIGGER number. Get quiet to get clear on how many clients you really want to take on right now. Then determine the date you would like to have these new clients by.

I see myself serving X clients by X date.

Magic Manifesting Launch Secret # 3 Make space in your heart, life and calendar for your clients. Block out your program or client sessions in your calendar.

Get your contracts and client materials ready. Make sure you can take credit cards or any other form of payment. Get ready to serve and receive them!

Magic Manifesting Launch Secret # 4 Create your energizing mantra with the number of clients you desire to serve and by when. Here’s an example: I am easily and joyfully attracting and receiving 50 Healthy Wealthy Biz School Clients by June 30th, 2014.

Write out your mantra on 3-5 different note cards and place them all around YOU. In your kitchen, bathroom, office, next to your bed, in your purse and in your car. Do it!

Magic Manifesting Launch Secret # 5 Breathe your mantra, feel your mantra, be with your mantra, see your mantra, believe in your mantra. The best way I know how to get into my mantra is to massage it around in my mind and heart out loud or quietly 300-400x a day. I’m not joking!

You can say it while you’re working out, doing yoga, hiking, biking, swimming, walking, laying in bed, taking a shower, cooking food, chilling out or wherever. The key is to FEEL IT and then you will BELIEVE it!

Your dominating thoughts and feelings create your reality.

Magic Manifesting Launch Secret # 6 When fears, disbeliefs, doubts and insecurities come up recognize that your little WC1 (wounded child) the part of you that has not yet been healed and who feels separate from you and the Divine is just coming up to be healed.

This is a VERY normal part of being an entrepreneur. You are vulnerable. You are on the front lines. There are no back doors. You are uncomfortable. Of course your WC1 (wounded child) will want to come out and tell you how scared she is!

The key is to love her up and discern that YOU are not her. In fact, you are a powerful, magnetic, radiant, passionate and powerful woman who can manifest YOUR clear intention into reality! So love her up. Hold her in your arms, rock her and tell her you got her back. Then get back in the game, sister!!

Magic Manifesting Launch Secret # 7 Of course the MAIN ingredient in a successful launch is taking massive inspired and ALIGNED action through promoting your program and services through videos, writing, teleclasses, social media, blogging, sales calls, program development and so much more.

All of which I teach in the Healthy Wealthy Biz School which is starting soon! If you want to know the inner and outer game of rocking a profitable, portable and playful biz.. check out my free video series!

Now you have the 7 manifesting secrets to all of my successful launches. Knowledge is power!


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