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Time is all YOU have

As an entrepreneur you are not being paid for your hourly time as if you would if you were in a job. Therefore, it’s vital that you learn how to use your time efficiently, effectively and in a smart way!

Everybody works differently and it’s important to determine how you like to work while learning how to work SMARTER not HARDER.

In the beginning of your business, you will most likely be spending A LOT of time building your internet structures and it might feel like busy work. I want to teach you how to use your time efficiently so that you can feel utterly fulfilled in every moment of your business day.

You may already be a time management wizard but if you’re not, lean in and learn some of my best strategies!

With so many hats to wear as an entrepreneur learning to “chunk” your time is

There are 3 ways to look at your time. I use the 3 C’s model.

1. Connection time
2. Creative time
3. Chilax Time

Connection time is time spent on activities that have or will bring you income such as coaching your existing clients, running your group programs, managing your team, responding to and writing emails to clients, or joint venture partnerships and affiliates, doing strategy sessions with potential clients, attending networking events, going to live events, speaking on stage, being on social media (with a strategy), reaching out via phone or email to potential collaborative soul partnerships and affiliates, following up with prospects, booking speaking gigs and anything else that is getting YOU out there in a big way.

Caucasian woman making notes on bedMost successful online entrepreneurs devote one to two days per week to “working in” their business and the rest of the time is spent in “CREATION” time “working on” their business.

I recommend following the same pathway. I recommend booking all of your client calls and group program days and free call offers all on one day. Doing so will help you stay focused, stream lined and in the flow of your business. Pick one day that is YOUR coaching day and stick with it.

Chunk a 3 hour block of connection time throughout the balance of your week so that you can accomplish everything you desire.

It’s easy to get sucked into answering emails and checking social media but those activities are not producing income so be strict with yourself so that you can actually make money and spend your free time doing what you really want to do!

Creative Time is devoted to only working on income generating activities such as brainstorming a new coaching program, writing a sales page that will produce income eventually, writing copy for your site, creating your free offer to help build your list, writing an e-book that will generate income, planning your marketing calendar, creating content for your clients or group programs, writing your ezine, writing for your blog, writing articles, doing videos, preparing for and writing speeches for live stage time, preparing content for your free calls, writing copy for social media (Tweets, Facebook posts) to build your list etc.

It’s VITAL to block out 3 to 4 hour chunks throughout your work week devoted solely to CREATIVE time. You do not want to spend all of your time working with clients, networking, getting coaching or on the phone with potential clients. I recommend blocking off 2 to 3 days for focused time each week. You need to protect your energy and your time as an entrepreneur.

Women on cliff, in yoga positionCHILAX time. This is the FUN part of owning your own business. You must schedule in YOUR time to keep yourself balanced, nourished and fresh! Be sure to schedule in massages, journaling, yoga, nature time, joyful movement, home cooking, family time and ample down time every week if not daily so that you can have it all.


Follow these 3 ways of managing your time and watch the productivity, prosperity and JOY fuel your life! XO


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