By Amanda Moxley 

amanda in pink.jpgThis week I was talking with my coach about my 6 figure lifestyle and how  I transformed from a scraper ski bum to a successful 6 figure mamma.

I use to be such a cheap ass! Even though I always HAD plenty of money in savings and cash and zero debt, I just wouldn’t let myself buy anything too expensive.

I drove an old Subaru station wagon that was paid for in cash. At one point, I found an oversized black down jacket in the lost and found at the yoga studio that I strutted around town in. I looked like a homeless person in that thing. Johnn still gives me shit about it!

I never bought anything that was NOT on sale. I would go without or never shop. I never went to the spa or had a mani/pedi or a facial. I did work trade for yoga until I became a teacher. If I wanted to attend a yoga retreat, I’d ask if they offered scholarships and I always got them. Or I’d ask my parents to pay for me.

And here’s one of my favorites, in college my best friends and I would drive to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to ski for the weekend. I had MONEY but we chose to SLEEP in the freezing COLD in the BACK of my friend’s Subaru.

skiing.JPGWe’d slip into our ice cold ski boots in the morning, brush our teeth in the gas station and SKI all day never stopping for food. We’d just eat a power bar on the lift and score free hot chocolate at the lodges. Hilarious. My parents would always tell me how great I was at living within my means. I was proud of my thriftiness. 

Then fast forward 15 years and you would find me letting go and investing in high end coaching programs, going to Tuscany for a retreat for 13 f’in thousand DOLLARS! Buying Prada, hiring a house keeper, a nannie, assistants, healers, therapists, coaches, stylists, photographers, going to the spa 2  to 3 times a month, replacing Johnn’s income, shopping at Nordstrom’s, traipsing off to Hawaii for 3+ months (the most expensive place in the US), hosting large events and retreats, buying my dream house and traveling whenever all in cash!

2012-06-28a-200.jpgYou could say, I’ve LIVED both extremes.. total scraper/back packer to luxurious living.

It was so hard to LET GO of money and TRUST that the money would come back to me in the beginning of the transformation. I would have a sinking BAD feeling every time I would let it go. Then I replaced that feeling by believing “money easily flows through me and to me.” I started to believe it.

I relaxed with money. I loosened up my grip and let it flow. I stayed in inspired action, raised my rates, and opened my heart to serving and receiving more ideal clients and creating new programs.

MachuPichuPeru 072.jpgAnd the money DID come back. I started having consistent $5k months, then $10k months, then $15k months then $20k months, then $25k months, then some $30k months and a couple $50k months.  I am so grateful for this flow AND there is a new relationship with money emerging with me. 

I’m finding the balance between the two extremes. So to me my multiple 6 figure lifestyle is NOT all about luxury, name brands and high fashion. 

What does your 6 figure lifestyle look like?

I think I lost myself a little bit on this journey of 2 extremes and now I’m finding my way back home.

pheobe christmasMy 6 figure lifestyle looks like having the FREEDOM to play in the mountains (skiing, biking, hiking), doing yoga and being in nature every day.  My 6 figure lifestyle looks like having the freedom to BE present with my small children and to be a mamma. And to receive support so that I can work with my clients, get my message out into the world, write my book, go on dates with Johnn, have dinner parties with good friends, travel, live in Hawaii, live in our dream house and to be nourished by a whole foods chef.

The point of this story is stay TRUE to you. Right now you might be living a certain spectrum of your two extremes or you might be relaxing into your money core sweet spot.

Your relationship with money will be one of your most intimate relationships in your lifetime. Dance with it! Go to the extremes and then find your balance again. It’s only a game! Don’t take it all too seriously. Have fun. Learn. Grow. Prosper. Enjoy the journey.

Learn more about your relationship with money by joining me for a live Hangout on How to Stoke Your Money Libido and double your income in 2015It’s gonna be HOT!

And in the mean time, journal about your 6 figure + lifestyle. What do you desire? What does it look and feel like? Have fun!




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