I am realizing more and more that my tribe is full of empaths. You feel deeply. It’s hard to decipher what is yours and what is “theirs”, and this blocks you from making money and taking too much on because it’s heavy and can be hard to navigate.
1. You must ground your energy into the earth daily so that you can’t be pushed over or taken down by a random emotional wave you catch from someone else.

Root yourself into the earth before you get out of bed. Visualize the color red at your tailbone with tree roots grounding deep into Mother Earth, then connect and hook yourself to the core of the Earth, then bring that energy back up through the different levels and layers of the Earth, and back up the soles of your feet, up each leg and back to your tailbone/root chakra. Do this as many times through the day as you need to. You will be ‪#‎unF’inStoppable with this grounding, sister!

2. You need to know who you are, how you feel in your own energy and what you desire. If you don’t know how you feel in your own body, you could think someone else’s “stuff” is yours.

Example: I am having an epic morning, I journaled, did yoga, ate lunch at Omar’s Living Cuisine, and then bam, I get a text or an email from someone, and all of a sudden I feel FEAR and anxiety!! This used to happen to me all of the time. Then I realized– WAIT!! I created a dream day for myself and I feel good. . . this is NOT mine! That is their fear or their anxiety, not mine. This is a game changer for us empathetic entrepreneurs.

3. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! You must protect your energy with strong, healthy, consistent boundaries. Boundaries keep us safe. They determine where you stand and where the other person stands.

For example: have you ever hiked, or even driven, in a technical steep ridge which is called “a no fall zone”? If there is a gate or a barrier that runs along the side of the ridge bordering between the safe side and the “no fall zone” do you feel safer? YES! You feel safer because you know that if you do not go past that line you will be secure and safe. This is what boundaries do for us.

What boundaries do you need to put into place with your time, money, family, clients, contracts etc?

4. Just because you feel it, does NOT mean that you are responsible for it, nor are you required to fix it. I know what it’s like, we just want to FEEL better and sometimes fixing it or taking care of it will just make us feel better. But, what if you could release all of that energy and potential drama and affirm, “this is not mine. Even though I feel it, it’s not mine to fix.” Then in your mind, put up your boundaries and give it to the Earth or put it back on the person or situation that tried to put it on you. Practice this.

5. You’re going to feel tender, exposed, raw, open, and vulnerable as an empathic entrepreneur. You have a deep calling to share your voice and transform the world into love. It’s not an easy job, and doing it alone can be isolating and make you want to shut down and go back to the safety of your comfort zone and wish for someone to save you or take care of you.

I know honey, it is hard to keep showing up, putting yourself out there, sharing your light and your heart with the world.

But, you are on the front lines as a light worker, you have a big job that must be done. You know that.

So, fill yourself back up through yoga, dance, sisterhood, alone time, and self care, and then move forward swiftly and get back into action.

There is a place for you in this marketplace.

We are the ones the world has been praying for.

Answer the call.



P.S. I am starting a revolution of Empathetic Entrepreneurs who want to take over the world with our big hearts and love.

If you want in, give me a “YES” or an “Amen” in the comments below. And, if this article resonates with you please share it with the Empathetic Entrepreneurs in your life. Much love!

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