Do yBeautiful woman and broken piggy bankou know how valuable you are? One of the reasons you may be struggling or you have struggled with money in the past is because you have not given yourself credit for how VALUABLE you are.

When I started my business I charged $800 for 6 months of coaching, that’s about $67 an hour. It felt so scary to raise my rates to $100, then $125, then $150, then $200, then $333, then $500 an hour and now up to $1000 an hour!

Back then I had zero wealth consciousness training and I was making my prices up based on what my colleagues were charging.  During a strategy session with a potential client,  I’d get to the money conversation and I’d cave in on their first objection and then slash my prices, offer to trade my services, let them pay me over 2 years (no joke) or worse do it for FREE!

Seriously! This went on for about 4 years! But once I became a mamma, I knew I couldn’t thrive like this!

Does this sound familiar to you? I hope not J for your sake but if it does, I want to give you some seriously good coaching right now to help you own your value and claim your worth.

Step 1. Look at your value on paper.

Woman Writing ListMake a massive list of all of your qualifications, the trainings you’ve attended, the books you’ve read, the programs you’ve invested in, the formal education you have,  the clients you’ve worked with, the job experience you have, the therapy you’ve received, the coaching you’ve received and all of the inner and outer work you’ve done.

Get it all out there. Go as far back as college and look at how much you have learned, studied, grown, accomplished, transcended, transformed and achieved. It’s massive!

Sit with this list. Breathe with this list. Be grateful for this list. This is your life.

Step 2. Look at the transformation you’ve provided for your clients, students, friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and all of your networks.  No doubt you and your way of being has influenced many lives.

Businesswomen walking to workMake a list of what is happened in the lives of your clients, family, friends and colleagues lives because of your positive influence.

For example, my Nannie Fernanda from Brazil started working for me 3 years ago. The first year she was overweight, ate a lot of unhealthy food and never exercised.

The next year when she came back to work for me she had released a healthy amount of weight, changed her diet and was exercising regularly.

Naturally, I congratulated her on her transformation and she told me, she transformed because of my healthy influence on her life! She’s young and I was the first person to introduce her to whole foods, affirmations, visioning etc. But I was just living my life and not coaching her at all! She caught a wiff of what could be possible for her and she made it happen.

Chances are you TOO have made a massive contribution in a handful of lives by YOU being YOU and living your awesome life.

Really look at how and in what way’s you’ve helped people transform.

Are you seeing your value more now?

Step 3. Ask yourself if you are undercharging for your services. Are you?

Answer these clarifying questions.

  • When was the last time you raised your prices?
  • By how much did you raise your prices?
  • Do you feel like you’re over giving?
  • Do you feel guilty charging too much?
  • Do the majority of people you offer your programs to say yes?
  • Are you creating your prices based on what other people in your industry are charging?
  • Do you believe that it’s wrong or unspiritual to charge too much?
  • Do you feel like you’d be judged or cast out if you raised your prices?
  • Are you secretly suffering? And barely getting by?

Step 4. Work on your wealth consciousness every day for 30 minutes.

Smiling woman sitting on couch with bills to pay

Chances are you have some outdated f’ed up beliefs about money that are blocking you from rising up to your next level. If you believe it’s bad to charge too much. Or not spiritual to have money, or fear that you are taking/stealing from someone then you obviously have some LB’s ™ (limiting beliefs) in your way that must be released pronto!

Step 5. Feel your value you in your bones! As an entrepreneur, you have an expandable income. There is ZERO limit on how much money you can make. YOU are the only one who has the POWER to LIMIT you.  Why is it that some entrepreneurs make millions and others are barely surviving? The ones who are rolling in the cash and thriving believe they can and they SEE themselves as a VALUABLE asset to the world.

Are you seeing how valuable you are? Are you owning your contribution on the planet? Are you aware of the ripple effect of good you are rocking around the world?

You matter!

Your life matters

Your money matters.

Your dreams matter.

Own it!

Woman Stealing Handbag full of MoneyStand up for yourself. Stand up for your clients too! Rise up and claim your life because no one is going to save you or give you permission but YOU!


I dare you to raise your rates by a little or a lot this week!

The truth is.. it’s not about YOU! HA!

It’s about your client and the person buying your services. They want the transformation you are providing! They want to strut around and tell their friends they bought YOU for themselves.

You can serve the coupon crowd or the Nordstrom crowd. So don’t tell me that people won’t buy from you when you raise your prices!

There are 7 billion people on the planet and an infinite amount of money circulating in and out of all us with zero limits whatsoever =except for the limits we perceive with our limited thoughts and beliefs.

I triple dog dare you to raise your rates this week!

Be the expert. Step into your power. Rock your life!

Let me know how you’re doing with this challenge on my blog and on my facebook biz page! And if you want more of where this is coming from register yourself right now for my ALL NEW training on New Level, New Devil, How to FINALLY End Yo Money Drama and Build Wealth Without Limits!




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