I had a blast writing this one for you today. Would love to know your JFDI action steps after reading this!

1. Be ruthlessly dedicated to your goal. See it, feel it, beli
eve it, act it. If you abandon your goal and forget about it then it’s going to be super hard to claim it. Right?

2. Journal about your goals every damn day. You are creating your reality if you like it or not, so you might as well use the power of your mind to build what you really want in your mind and emotions. Journaling is the best way I know to get clear, create and claim my goals.

3. Money loves to be held and contained. After all, all money is is energy! If you don’t know what the money is for then it won’t come to you. Set up weekly automated bank transfers within your banking system to funnel money into your dream funds!

4. Focus on income generating activities every day. What are 3 things you can do TODAY to create income? Write them down and JFDI!

5. Manage your time like a woman who is already receiving and living her income goals. Time is money honey so use it very wisely. It’s all we have.

6. What you expect, you receive. If you set a goal and then crouch down into a “who am I, I’m not worth it” syndrome, then you’re right, you won’t get what you want! Expect success. Know you are as worthy and as loved as any other Joe Schmo out there who is smashing their goals.




7. Set BIG goals, to get BIG goals. By setting a big ass goal, you freak your subconscious mind out about believing it’s possible. Doing so takes your mind to a whole new level.  After focus and repetition and TIME, that big goal will not feel big and scary and soon enough it will be yours!

8. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet your goals! Heck most people don’t even have goals, and even a smaller percentage of people even write their goals down! So you’re doing better than 90% of the population LOL! But don’t let it collapse you. Trust that if you have the desire, pure intention and focus that goal will be yours in a matter of time. It may take a year or two or less but that goal will be yours if you want it badly enough.

10. Surrender to divine will. I believe in Divine Timing and prefer to partner with the Divine vs. push my way to my goals. I’ve definitely done my fair share of pushing, demanding and doing it anyway in my life but as I’ve matured and seen how life unfolds I have learned to trust in the Universe and surrender to “thy will be done!” But I don’t use Divine Timing as an excuse to NOT take action towards my goals! You go ALL in and you let the Divine dazzle you!

11. Get uncomfortable! You can not create new results with the same consciousness you have now! Stretch, breathe, believe, focus and take calculated risks when your gut is guiding you to go for it. Nobody has ever changed anything by sitting on their ass in their comfort zone. You gotta work for the results you want baby!

12. Delegate. Stop trying to row the boat all by yourself. Get some support with key players who see you, know you, believe in you and who can row the boat with you. I delegate everything I hate doing! Make a list of all of the stuff that drains your energy now and then delegate it.

13. Hire the right team players to assist you in reaching your goals.Being a one woman show is a drag and a drain! On my team I have a coach, a smart as a whip copywriter for when I need more help with writing, a technical ninja virtual assistant who handles all of my back-end business, a smart strategic FB ads manager, a social media assistant, a babysitter, a housekeeper, and an on site assistant who has my back during my events and retreats. Not to mention my ultimate rock, my hubby! And my master mind soul sister colleagues who are walking the same path as me.

14. Ask for the sale in some way every day! This is the obvious part DUH but it seems like a lot of female entrepreneurs skip this step and that’s why they NEVER reach 50k months or anywhere close to that.

15. Be cool with sales and selling! If you were working at Nordstrom’s selling vegan handbags would you feel weird/bad/non spiritual/ wrong for selling them? I bet not. You would think “this is my job. This is fun. I love these bags, I want one too.” And then you would be excited to share them and talk about them and sell them because you would know that the buyer would be stoked! It’s the same thing with selling your own services. BE COOL with SALES!

16. Speak your way to success. These days with FB live, youtube, periscope, facebook, workshops and events it’s easier than ever to share your heart and message and reach more people. I built my business from speaking. It’s fun and instantly positions you as the expert. Don’t know where to start with speaking and getting your message out everywhere? I got your back! I’m hosting a free training call for you! Register here.

17. Take your hand off the back door! I see it time and time again, and this is WHY you will never make your 50k a month goal. Seriously women! You must commit to your WHY and to your vision and to your goals. If you’re nilly willy, you’ll get nilly willy results! Two feet in PLEASE.

18. STOP HIDING! There is no way in God’s green earth that you will ever and I mean EVER make it in business if you’re hiding out, playing small and waiting for the world to discover you or give you your big break. It’s a non negotiable for you to show up in the spotlight and shine your light consistently week in and week out!

19. Stop waiting to be saved. No one and I repeat NO ONE is going to save your ass! You are not a victim. You do not need to be saved. And besides you are the only one who can save you. If you do get saved it will only provide temporary relief. Your soul won’t let you back down from claiming your destiny and being the star you were born to be. Do yourself a favor NOW and flat out claim it. Suck it up. Get real about your situation. And get to work!

20. Do the math. Figure out what’s the best, fastest, most fun and aligned way for you to make money now. Do you want to serve 100 people at $497 to get your 50k month? Or do you want to sell a 50k package? Figure it out and get to work!

21. Stop hanging around people who drag you down. Simple. Move on. Draw up some boundaries and get some new friends who lift you up and you both inspire each other!

22. Clean up your personal environment! Cleanliness is godliness. Ask yourself “would a woman who is making X amount of money” live, dress, eat, sleep, and feel like that? I remember years ago going on a massive decluttering cleanse and ruthlessly getting rid of absolutely everything that was not in alignment with my multiple 6 figure self. Now it’s your turn!

23. When you are strong, help the weak. Consistently give some of your money to causes you feel aligned with. The fact that you are an educated entrepreneur and have all the freedom and choice you do means you are already living in the first class cabinet on the planet. The gift is in the giving you know.

24. Never give up. 95% of success is just showing up. That’s easy!

25. Let yourself RECEIVE. It’s vulnerable. It’s tender and it’s time to receive. Stop sabotaging yourself and instead allow yourself to be loved, claimed and adored by LIFE. You deserve it!

Thanks for reading  this all the way through. There are a lot of nuggets in here for you to take action on! Let me know by replying back what your JFDI action steps are after reading this!






P.S. You spoke and we listened! I’m so excited to invite you to a free training on how to Speak Your Way to Success so you can Be Everywhere and Make Bank!Register at no cost to you here! 

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