Every year, I like to write a year in review to bring you behind the scenes of running a profitable and spiritually rich business! So here goes!

January– March I started the year out producing weekly videos thinking that I would make them a consistent platform but then Facebook Livestream came about and it was easier to Livestream in the moment, or in my group or on my FB biz page. However, I am thinking I will bring these back in 2017. Let me know if you’d like that or not!

March – Flew to California for 3 days to shoot a professional video for my business. My focus for this video was about the cycles and season of being an entrepreneur. I also shared my point of view about having a 3 tiered master mind to serve your clients. You can watch the video here.

I can’t say the video which I invested over $8,000 making had a massive ROI however, I did receive a BIG personal breakthrough around my relationship with women.

My coach at that time, lightly suggested that in groups of women we tend to project our “mother” issues onto other women. The next day, I was paired up with a gorgeous woman who in my mind was perfect. She was sharing with me how much she admired me and loved my life and lifestyle with my soul man and 2 kids on top of my business success.

On the surface, I received it but I had a massive guard up because I didn’t really believe that she could really like me. My guard was up as a projection left over from my childhood and having a brutal step mother who was pretty and perfect and who also did not like me.

End of story- major healing around women. And did you know that if you have a hard time receiving MONEY, it can be because you have mother healing to do? Mission accomplished.

April I had been planning a 3 day event starting in February. I did market research and learned that my tribe wanted me to teach them about the Power of “Profitable Live Events” and how to generate a year’s worth of income in a single weekend.

I shot some pro videos in February to launch the event. We had 30+ women at the 3 day event from Australia, Europe, Canada and throughout the USA. And over 1,000 women and men watching the 3 day event via Livestream.

I was a “one woman show” and rocked the stage all 3 days without any outside speakers. We invested in some upgrades for the event and I live streamed it for the first time ever. I partnered with a virtual sales team and a Facebook ads team to help me run the Livestream and sales.

I offered my first 50k package from the stage and welcomed in several amazing clients into my Master Mind. I also invested in new branded photos for my marketing materials with my amazing photographer Gillian Hunter.

Prior to the event, I hosted my clients for a two day private master mind retreat in the mountains. I LOVE being in person with my clients. SO much transformation can happen LIVE! April was a full month!

May– I checked myself into the “spa” with a powerful Shaman in Kauai, Hawaii for 10 days. It was extremely healing and rejuvenating to say the least. Peeled off a bunch of layers around childhood stuff.

August– I got fired up with daily journaling, big time visioning and massive awakening to my dreams in a new way! I created a new program called “Get Visible and Make Bank” where I teach women how to create their signature talk form a to z.

On the back of this, I added on a new program called “Show Up & Shine” which included a 25 minute speaking spot on my stage, professional video and photos and I enrolled the most amazing women to join me for this!

September deepening my connection to my soul man. We attended a 3 day retreat about the feminine and masculine and marriage. After almost 18 years together, this retreat hit the spot!! And we’re continuing to create new habits and daily connections together.

October– Launched my second event of the year called “Be You & Make Bank- Get Your Next 12 Clients in 90 days or Less.” I have to say this was my best event of all time. I showed up to serve with all of my heart without any attachment. Doing so made the event so much LIGHTER and way more fun and ultimately more abundant than ever.

I also hosted my clients for a 2 day private master mind retreat in the mountains of Utah. Being live with my clients is my favorite part of my business. I love seeing them POP in front of my eyes!

November- flew to LA for an event and then joined a 12 month master mind. Flew back home to Utah for 2 days, and then flew to Oahu, Hawaii for 1 week of master minding, biz brainstorming and biz building. I’m so excited to be a part of a powerful master mind in 2017 with other driven, athletic, smart and fun women entrepreneurs! And I even signed up for a year long endurance program in which I will be running two half marathons in 2017. More on that to follow.

December– wrapped up 2016 and am working on launching my new website in 2017 as well as a fabulous new international speaker summit with over 25 6 & 7 figure speakers! Stay tuned for your exclusive invitation to join us early on in 2017.

The recap-

2016 has been an amazing year for me both personally and professionally and that is because I decided to CLAIM it.

  • I got out of hiding.
  • I honored the seasons and cycles of business instead of being ashamed about having a lower cycle in 2015.
  • I got super visible.
  • I decided to take lots of leaps and chances such as launching two new events, pro video, and several new programs.
  • I invested over 30k in coaching and mentorship.
  • I easily and automatically released and paid off 28k in 0% debt (divine energy blessing the dream) from early on in my business.
  • I healed a ton of worth and deservability issues and childhood stuff. Thank GOD!
  • I surrendered to the divine plan without attachment.
  • I focused 100% on service, giving, using my gifts and getting out of my own way.
  • I tracked my income every day and watched it ebb and flow and grow. I released emotion about money tides.
  • I STOPPED putting my VALUE and WORTH on the amount of money I make or don’t make. (MASSIVE SHIFT!)

I am forever grateful for my business foundation I built many years ago when I first started my business. How is your biz foundation?

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Happy New Year!!



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