When I first talk to my clients and students about speaking on stage for their business, some of them freeze in complete and utter terror.

“But…I’m not a professional speaker, Amanda! 

Ok, it’s true, some people DO train for years to give paid keynotes at corporate meetings and such.

But here’s the thing, people like us don’t have to be a “career public speaker” in order to use speaking as a strategy to skyrocket our own businesses!

And the fact is, by stealing just a few secrets from the pros (most of them just common sense) anyone can show up looking a LOT like a pro, right away. Especially since most people don’t use these.

So here’s my cheat sheet just for you  — my Top 20 Tips for showing up like a rockstar onstage, even if you have zero speaking experience!

Grab it now 

And, if you want to talk to me or a hand-picked member of my team  about how you can incorporate speaking as a strategy to:

  • Get the best clients flocking to you, instead of you running after them
  • Charge premium rates (because once you’re onstage, you are the obvious expert, baby!)
  • Create an entire signature program that practically sells itself from the stage because it springs organically from your signature talk…

…. Then go here and book a time on our calendar!

When we talk, you may also learn about my new Moxley Method program that guides you through creating all of the above and more in 90 days. There’s zero obligation to join, but if it’s a fit, we’ll tell you. (Then it’s up to you how fast you want to transform your biz with speaking! )

Don’t forget to grab my cheat sheet — and use it!  (I especially like #6, #10 and definitely #13!


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