It’s Amanda and as usual I wanna get real with you and break it down for you.

It’s time for you to start making serious money in your business.


Because you were born to HELP PEOPLE.

You have a powerful story.

You’ve transformed so much of your own life and NOW it’s time for you to use what you learned and help your tribe transform.

But you’re wasting time.

You’re waiting for the perfect plan.

You have excuses.

You’re giving your power away to an outside source.

You’re waiting for permission.

You’re allowing your limiting beliefs, worries, doubts and fears stand in your way.

You’re not feeling like you know enough or that you don’t know how to do it.

You’re hiding out.

Playing it safe.

Sitting on the sidelines.

You’re comfortable.

But when is enough ENOUGH?

Now it’s time to SHOW UP AND SHINE and make some money.

Here’s what you need to do to create, sell and book 25k in 7 days or less

1. Answer this question “If you could create ANYTHING to sell or offer, what would it be?” “What LIGHTS you up like a fire cracker in July?” “What gets you so excited, so pumped up and feeling so alive and all of your juices flowing?” Yes, go there. Give yourself permission to dream it and create it.

This is exactly what I did with my recent Get Visible & Make Bank program. I got so fired up about changing women’s businesses practically overnight through speaking on my stage, that my magnetism is attracting the perfect ideal, dreamy clients to me with ease and grace.

I brainstormed exactly what my ideal client would LOVE and what would be a total “KALE YES” for her and BAM it transformed. What would be a total “KALE YES” for your dreamy, ideal client? Please don’t play small here. Dare yourself to DREAM big and create BIG. 20% of all businesses have a high end market they can tap into because there is always a VIP percentage of clientele who want the BEST.

Thus GIVE IT TO THEM! Obviously you need to show up feeling the best. Knowing your worth. Feeling the value of your offer down the bones and the skin. Now go and CREATE BIG! People are buying YOU. They feel your passion, your energy and your FIRE. If you want success, get fired up and stop being boring, basic and like everyone else. 🙂 You have permission!!

2. Create a price point that takes you to the edge of your comfort zone. Don’t blow it out so much that YOU do not believe it is possible. You have to be brave with this. Own your value by writing down 50 reasons why this offer is valuable for the client. Sell yourself on YOU first. Once you believe in yourself, you’re sold and it will be very EASY to magnetize the money to you because you will be fired up and excited.

3. Money loves to be held in containers. It needs to know what it is for. What exactly will you do with the money when it lands in your account? Hint: make these desires really HOT. Be real and honest with yourself and give yourself permission to give yourself exactly what you want. This is not the time to should on yourself. Journal about what you really want. Do you really want to hire that new coach? Do you really want that vacation? Do you really want the shopping spree or the new car or what? Let yourself have it!

4. Now that you have a solid price point, your feel is taking you to the edge of your comfort zone and stretching you out. Decide how many SPOTS you want to sell. Then write out a statement affirming your desire. Example: “I am now easily and JOYFULLY attracting and receiving 3 dreamy ideal clients who want to change their business overnight in my Show Up & Shine Get Visible & Make Bank program. “ Repeat said mantra 400X a day.

5. See every detail of your goal in your mind’s eye. See yourself easily and joyfully attracting and receiving and serving your dreamy clients. See yourself receiving the money. See yourself following your desires of what you will do with the money.

6. Feel every detail of your desire to serve at this level. Feel the feelings of RECEIVING the client. How will you feel? FIST PUMPING YES!!! Thank you GOD for hearing me YES!! Heart, belly and throat expanding in YES THANK YOU!! If you can feel it you’re half way there.

7. BELIEVE that it is possible. Make a case as to why it’s possible. Why is it possible? Tell me why!

8. RECEIVE IT. This is where the softening, the surrendering and the allowing comes in. Yes, my darling you are that LOVED, adored and treasured by the Universe and life itself. Yes, my love, it is safe for you to receive. Yes, reveal in the pleasure and let it in.

9. Decide that YES, you will actually make this money in 7 days or less. How does that feel in your belly? Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will manifest if you fail to DECIDE. Make the f’in decision and watch the Universe line up in a magical way for you. None of this will work if you do not decide.

10. Now that you’ve decided. It’s time to take massive inspired action. Make a list of everyone you have ever worked with, are currently working with, want to work with and people who follow you, comment on your posts and who you have connected with. Got your list?

11. Make contact with them. You can send them a note or FB message and let them know you are thinking about them. Share a thoughtful, inspirational something. Engage in your conversations and then check in with how they are doing. Remember you have a solution to their problems. Your job is to hear where they are stuck and to see if you can help. But don’t be attached, weird or pushy. Just show up, knowing that God’s got your money and the dreamy clients and that it has already been DONE!!

12. Call peeps up. Host a free call. Launch a webinar. Speak on stage. Follow up with all of those people you have forgotten to follow up with. Make an inspired action plan and do it. Yes, it will feel uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone to put yourself out there like this. THE KEY is to believe that YOU are an answered prayer for them. Affirm that. “I am an answered prayer.” And then know that you are their answered prayer and that YOU are coming from a place of love and service and then show up in service without attachment. Easy. 🙂

13. Journal your vision, your why and your desires every morning. Wake up early before the family and talk with the Divine about your plan. God/Universe created YOU and the whole world, I know the Universe can give you specialized downloads and inspiration to claim your goals.

14. You will be tested. Stay steady. Hold the faith past the 11th hour. Ok?

15. Do not give up. Remember you already decided. Your job is to keep acting and actually do the work and be vulnerable enough to receive.

16. Keep putting yourself out there. Share your message and your heart and soul every damn day through speaking, Facebook live streams, writing emails, messages, text messages and videos. Don’t stop.

17. Be courageous. If this were easy, everyone would be thin, hot, rich and in the steamiest most passionate relationship. If you’ve read this far, are you one of the top 3% of humans who knows what they want and has the guts and beliefs to know they can have whatever they want? If no, you will fail. You can create and claim anything you want if you allow yourself to receive it and if you’re willing to JFDI (just f’in do it). There is no reason or excuse that could ever stop you, except for your own stories and limiting beliefs. Heal thyself. Get out of your own way and LET IT IN!

18. Keep going. Go after your goal like your life depends on it. Don’t get sloppy, lazy, lose your focus or wallow in a “woe is me” story. We’ve all been there, but your success will be defined by your ability to BOUNCE back and get BACK UP and BACK in the ring.

19. I recommend checking yourself into the spa when you relapse into old thinking. Take time to nurture yourself and keep believing that the Universe has your back and wants to give you everything you desire.

20. Meditate. Go within daily. Connect to source and turn your mind off. Put your timer on for 10 minutes and sit your bunZ down and breathe and let go.

You got this!



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