Last week wrapped up my 5th event and I figured you’d love to read my 20 biggest lessons learned!14902768_10154716414783421_3992775961105176973_o


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1. Decide earlier than later when you will host your event. Pick a date and then sign the hotel contract. Stop dragging your feet on this. Two feet IN, baby.

2. Know that you will freak out and hit your “terror barrier” every time you make a decision and decide to up level your life. Be prepared for that. Surround yourself with peeps who LOVE YOU so much that they will not accept your lame ass excuses about WHY you can’t do it. Ask them to hold you accountable and JFDI.

3. Know that you are entering into the unknown. Yes, you are taking a risk by hosting an event. You will feel that you are on TOP of the roller coaster. Decide to put your hands UP HIGH in the air and RIDE the f’in roller coaster. Breathe baby. Have fun.

4. Trust your gut instinct. Decipher between fear and faith and walk in faith.

5. Slay your dragons. Write out all of your fears about the event such as “I feel scared about hosting this event because…” and then BURN IT UP! Slay your dragons every day on the regular. Get it all out of your subconscious mind.

6. Decide what you will teach on each day of your event. Give each day a theme and a name.

7. Do market research. Once you have your content outline, reach out to ideal clients and interview them to make sure you’re on the right track. Ask them for feedback and especially what would make it an absolute YES for them to attend this event. Invite them to the event.

8. Name your event a hot juicy results based name.

9. Write a hot sales page with all of the features, benefits, value, share your personal “transformational story”, add client success stories for social proof, ad a video to the top of the sales page to help buyers get a better feel for you, position yourself as the expert and show how you can help them NOW get what they want. Overcome their objections for getting on a plane and taking 3 days to learn from you. Give bonuses and limiters and an urgency to BUY NOW. Decide on your payment plan structure.

10. Strategically promote your event at least 6 months out.


11. Contact everyone you know and invite them and their friends to come to your event. Send a “save the date” email or postcard in the mail. Text them, call them, message them do whatever it takes to get the word out.

12. Give tickets to clients you are currently working with. Give them a friend ticket too. Decide if you will have clients reserve their tickets with a refundable $97-$197 fee. I think this is a good way to go because if they don’t show, you can not fill that space at the last minute. I’ve typically gone on the honor system with this however I’ve done it every way over the years.

13. Decide if you will have speakers or sponsors. This year, I was super smart. I created a program called Get Visible & Make Bank in which I trained my clients on how to craft their signature talk and make an offer from stage. Out of that, I developed a program called SHOW UP & SHINE where I trained my speakers how to speak on my STAGE. This was a huge success all around. I gave them pro video footage and pro photos of their talk and also let them make an offer on stage.I’ll do that again, let me know if you’d like to speak on my stage!

14. Map out several different marketing moments in which you can promote your event starting at least 6 months out. Do whatever it takes.

15. Prep your event guidebooks, handouts and materials at least 3 weeks before the event. You’ll sleep better and feel more prepared.

16. Hire the right event team to support you during the event. My first event, I invested over 40k, 20k of which went to a NYC event team. Having that kind of an invoice added a ton of pressure to making the event a success. Since then, I’ve learned the event strategy and now I hire local support team (one of which is my soul man Johnn). I have an incredible photogaher Gillian Hunter and a pro videographer Jason Hadley. I also partner with Rosie Gremmert who is an essential oils expert. We use the oils to help with breakthroughs and emotional support. I also have featured guests such as my dear friend Jamie Brandenburg from LUXME Collective and SLC’s best yoga teachers.

17. Go shopping for clothes that make you feel like a million bucks! Stay on brand and dress as your most up leveled self!

18. Hire pro hair and makeup! This is a game changer for me. I highly recommend you show up to shine.

19. Prepare and practice your offer at least 1 month before your event. Think of it this way, you’re giving your tribe so much training, how to’s, strategies and breakthroughs during the event. About 20-50% of them will automatically want MORE of what you’ve got. We all know that real change and transformation takes time. It doesn’t just happen in 3 days time. Give them a way to keep working with you!

20. Focus on serving and giving massive value and love during your event. Keep your heart open without fear of rejection or failure. YES, you are being extremely vulnerable and that is what is required in order to RECEIVE. Stay open. Keep your focus on helping people NOT on how much money you’re going to make. This is extremely important, people are “NOT BUTTS IN SEATS” or numbers and statistics. Focus on loving, leading and helping and you will be a success in all ways!!

21. Bonus tip- show up and play at 110%. Pretend that Oprah and a couple thousand people are in the room with you learning from you at your event. GIVE THEM YOUR ALL no matter how many people are in attendance.



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P.P.S. Attend by Phone: Guest pin code: 857883# Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100or attend via Webcast

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