IMG_20150617_165442I’m writing to you from the shores of Kauai. It’s been great being here. I’m loving the massive amounts of family quality time.

I’m pumped to be feeling a big wave of inspiration and newness coming through me! I’m ready to bring something BIG and new out into the world!

I’ve been journaling about it a ton and this is what’s coming through.

Entrepreneurship is an amazing tool to create your dream life. It seems like the online space is getting saturated with a lot of the same messaging. I mean who wouldn’t want to have this amazing freedom based lifestyle working 18 hours a week!! It’s the ultimate GIFT for women to have IT ALL!

But times are changing with the online space and I want to speak to that today!

12 ways to Stand up, Be Seen, Serve and Prosper in a crowded marketplace!

1. Stand UP and BE seen! No more hiding. It’s ok to be vulnerable. In fact, it’s a requirement that you are vulnerable. Make your unique voice be heard. Money needs to see you in order to come to you. Speak your TRUTH!

2. POP out of fear. Become the master of your life. You don’t have TIME, money or energy to get bogged down in to fear when you’re building your online empire.. you gotta be fierce and be THE BOSS!!!

3. Lovingly HANDLE your WC1™(wounded child). You can not let your little 5 year old WC1™ run your biz, your bank account, your sales calls or your life anymore. Do the necessary healing and learn the tools and skills to manage your WC1™. I’m pumped to say that I’ve finally (at 40) learned how to manage mine!

Quick story on that– in the middle of the night.. a fear/ sad storm raged in. For a minute, I was allowing myself to FEEL and process my feelings and then decided that I WAS done feeling it and processing it.

I told myself “you’ve felt your feelings, you’ve processed it, and you’ve done years of coaching /therapy, shaman work and everything under the sun to HEAL this! There is nothing MORE to process or feel. Let it go! Enough already.”

Handled! Now that is LIBERATION!!

4. Be you 110%!! Stop trying to be someone that you are not. The more straight UP you, you can BE, the better. Infuse YOU into all of your marketing, messaging and branding. Yes, take that selfie of you with your hair all messed up and in your work out clothes!! Let people see you for WHO you are. No need to overgloss your image.

5. Do something different. When everyone is zigging, you need to ZAG. While you’re doing something different MAKE sure it’s what your heart and SOUL really want YOU to do. Don’t do something just because you think it will make you money. Do it because YOU are pumped to do it!! Your joy and excitement will sweep up your ideal clients in a tidal wave of awesome.

6. Play to win. Take your hand off the back door. Fully commit to building your empire. Burn the ships. Don’t back down! Have an attitude of “I’m here to STAY!!”

7. GIVE GIVE GIVE GIVE Give GIVE Give Give Give and Give some more. In this busy online marketplace.. you need to start giving more than ever. Think about when you go to Costco or to the Farmer’s Market and they give away samples/ tastes of their products. Are you more inclined to buy from that person or not? I know I am. Think about what you can give to your tribe today.

Btw.. I’d love to give you access to my international interview series where I interviewed 14 of my fun and super successful 6 & 7 figure soul sisters on their secrets to POP your biz in 2015! here’s the link

9. Build the solid masculine structures to support you biz for years to come.. Once you create your branding, website, free gifts, blog, videos, ezines, grow your list, programs and packages they can and will SERVE you for years to come.

My solid internet structures have created well over 7 figures of consistent revenue for me over the past five years. See why it’s important to build your structures and systems? If you need help with this, seriously consider my POP in 90 days – Healthy Wealthy Biz school.

10. Be accessible. Drop the barrier to entry. I remember being taught and modeled to in earlier years that you need to position yourself as the expert and be untouchable. I hated having mentors like that! And when I tried it for myself it felt sooooo wrong!


I love talking and meeting everyone!! I want to know my people. I want to connect. I want to get in there with you. Do what works for you but I think the more real and accessible you can be to your ideal clients the better.

11. Start a movement. Build a tribe. Be the leader. Get passionate and fired up about YOUR work, your services and your gifts. Feel it in your heart and soul. Sing it from the roof tops. Get on a mission with a vision and never quit!

12. Use social media platforms to BUILD, connect, serve and lead your ideal clients. Have you played with Periscope yet? I LOVE it! It’s a new platform where you can livestream video from your phone! It’s a great way to serve your tribe and for them to get to know, like and trust you.

It’s super easy and fun to navigate. You set it up using your twitter account then download the app on your smartphone! You can find me on periscope @amandamoxley.


I’d love to hear from you! Email me back and let me know which one of these tips you’ll be applying to your biz NOW.

Remember that action kills fear and that NOW is the time to JFDI (just f’in do it!)




P.S. Thanks for being a part of my community. I’m really grateful for you!

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