Are you so done playing small? I’m small. I’m 5’3 and have always been the smallest person in my family.

I’ve always been the little sister.

And even to my little sister, I’m smaller than she is.

Everyone my whole life towered over me.

When I was 7, my Dad married a woman who had 3 daughters, one was my age and the others were a few years older. Blended families are really tough. And my story is that the girls and their mother didn’t like me. They thought I was spoiled being the only child of my mom and dad. I went to private school. My dad drove a Porsche.

So they thought I was a spoiled rich brat. But I wasn’t, I did have to work hard for things. I had to maintain a B + average, I had to work to pay for a share of my plane tickets to spend 6 weeks with my beloved grandparents at the beach in NJ. My clothes were from Mervyns not from Nordsrtoms. My bedroom was full of hand me down furniture (at one point I slept in a bed that was broken.) WTF?

One night after school, my Dad’s Porsche had broken down in the school parking lot. The Porsche was there the next day in the morning and all of the kids were clamoring around the car, looking inside of it, touching it, gawking at it. I stood back while a couple dozen kids drooled over the car. I remember saying in a little voice that no one really heard “it’s my Dad’s Porsche.”

I remember feeling really unseen, unheard, unrecognized.

I’ve never cared much about cars. I’m proud that my current car is paid off.

That’s all changed because I’ve decided to BECOME a millionaire. I’ve decided to consistently have 50K+ months. I’ve decided to build a million dollar brand. I’ve decided to experience epic levels of positive experiences.

I’m creating my wealth through 1st aligning to it by feeling IT and then ACTING from it. My future radiant millionaire self definitely drives a Porsche Cayenne or a Mercedes.

I’m sharing all of this with you today because I’m asking all of US toRISE UP together in your:

  • asking
  • desiring
  • allowing
  • showing up
  • sharing
  • leading
  • serving
  • giving
  • shining
  • receiving
  • playing

Because for too long, we have played small. Not wanting to upset anyone with our SUPER NOVA light.

Not wanting to outshine others or our families of origin.

Too worried about what everyone else thinks.

Being too hard on ourselves.

Not allowing what we really want to manifest

Letting ourselves have a little bit of the pie but NOT the whole pie while “chosen” people CAN have it all. (But the only reason they HAVE IT ALL is because they DECIDED to claim it.)

Fearing and false believing that if you have what you want that means others will suffer and go without

I’m calling on you, right NOW!!

To stop playing small (even if you are small in statue, like me).

You can be gloriously epically radiantly wonderfully YOU.

I’m counting on you.

Your people need you to SHINE BRIGHTER.

Your family needs you to GET bigger and take up more space and let more goodness in

Your tribe needs you to LEAD THEM and show them the way

Your SOUL needs you to stretch into who you came here to become in this lifetime

Your passion needs you to light the BLAZE on fire.

Your heart needs you to burn brighter and overflow with ABUNDANCE

For me, I’m shopping for a Porsche Cayenne. I’m letting go of all of the guilt, fear and shame that was unconsciously PUT ON me and that I received, allowed and accepted as my truth.

I’m going to show up in your in box more consistently to lead more, shine more, love more and give more to you.

My biggest desire is to HOWL in my soul tribe of epic ideal clients and community. Reply back if you wanna be apart of my wolf pack!!

Women and men who are here to SHINE like the SUPER Nova’s they are with their heart and passion and power on FIYAH!!

I’ll keep you posted on the Porsche! But for now, here’s a pic!

Women have a ton of excuses why they have not gotten visible yet in their biz…

“ I’m not ready. ”

“ I’m not an expert. ”

“ Who’s going to listen to ME? ”

“ ME?! Speak in PUBLIC? Are you INSANE?!?!!

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