This is a very simple and easy manifesting exercise that you can take action on today!

Amanda Moxley1. Grab a pen and your journal.

2. Write in full description and detail your Perfect Average DAY (i.e. your PAD). This is a wonderful exercise for your imagination which will highlight exactly what your values are and how you truly would LOVE to spend your day/ your PRECIOUS HUMAN LIFE.

3. As you write, ignite your every sense. Imagine what it feels, sounds, tastes, and looks like as you wake up in your bed wherever you are in the world on your average perfect day.

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up? Describe in perfect detail, what you do from the moment you come through in the morning to the moment you close your eyes and go to sleep at the end of your day. Make your scenes vivid and real.

Amanda MoxleyWhat foods and drinks are you nourishing your beautiful body with? What joyful movement are you happily doing? What does your work/passion look and feel like? What does your intimacy life look like?

How are you connecting to yourself through self care, nature, journaling, meditating, visualizing etc? What books are you reading? What heart connections are you making? Get it out there, baby!

If you can spot it, you got it!

Amanda MoxleyThis manifesting exercise totally WORKS! Before we busted a move on a whim to Hawaii last summer, I had envisioned my PAD (perfect average day) exactly how I live my days today in Hawaii.

Oddly enough, when Johnn (my hubby) wrote out his PAD it was very similar to mine and it was in the tropics too! At the time, we wrote our PAD’s we were living in Utah and no where near an Ocean!

This works because the subconscious takes hold of the high frequency feelings and joy you get from engaging in this sensational mind expanding and SOUL inspiring exercise.

Just doing it lifts your energy and get’s you jazzed about life even if where you are right now is not exciting you!

The more you do it, the easier and the faster you will manifest your PAD!

Amanda Moxley4. Please write your PAD in your journal and then read it aloud once a day.

5. My Perfect Average Day is….

You see money likes fun, passion, freedom, adventures and when you live your life following the compass of your own heart. This exercise will support you in remembering your dreams, passions and desires. Feel your energy RISE!

Have fun!



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