By Amanda Moxley

Last week, I gave you my juicy secret formula for discovering your Soul Money Goal. If you missed last week’s post, go here and get caught up on identifying your Soul Money Goal. This week, I want to teach you how to ground your Soul Money Goal into reality by creating your detailed action plan.

Having an action plan, will give you confidence and clarity in reaching your Soul Money Goal. This is way better than coming up with a number out of thin air but having NO IDEA how to reach it

Here is my detailed action plan for obtaining this money.

Step 1: Know your Soul Money Goal. Go here if you missed last week’s assignment.

My SOUL MONEY Goal is:

Example: My goal is $100,000 by the last day of the year.

Write Down Your Soul Money Goal (Hint: Put this SOUL MONEY Goal on a 3X5 card and look at it everyday).

I imagined that money was my LOVERStep 2: Tune into your intuition and into your soul,

if you had 80 million in the bank and you still had the calling to serve your peeps what would you LOVE to do with them? How would you LOVE to serve them, coach them and support them? Examples.. 1:1 coaching programs and mentoring, group programs, retreats, VIP coaching days, weekend immersion programs, live or virtual retreats etc.

Dreaming and visualizing and getting excited about your offerings is KEY to success however, before you go and put together a retreat weekend for a group of people make sure that you plot out your expenses, your marketing time leading up to the event, paying your team, getting supplies, handouts, food etc and your actual time delivering your retreat.

You must THINK like a savvy entrepreneur in order to claim your SOUL MONEY Goal.

In the beginning it’s best to start with the low hanging fruit around you and get peeps into 1;1 coaching programs with you. Later after you have built a solid business then look into leveraging with BIG groups.

That said, play around with different ways in which you would love to make money and serve your peeps.

Step 3: Create your plan for serving and receiving your SOUL MONEY goal.

(Amanda’s tip: If you don’t have a mentor or mastermind group to coach this out with you, I would highly recommend getting support and accountability for your plan because it’s hard to do on your own!)

Here’s an example: If your goal is $100,000 by the last day of the year

6 $2,500 packages by______ date= $15,000
12  $5k packages by ____________ date= 60k
10 $1500 VIP coaching days by ____ date= $15,000
25 spaces in your group coaching program at $497= $12, 425
Total $102, 425

Now it’s your turn.

Once you have your plan, you will feel connected to your goal and feel and believe that it is totally possible. Do this!

Write Down Your Soul Money Goal beginning with the words “Here is my detailed action plan for obtaining my soul money goal.” (Hint: Put this SOUL MONEY Goal on a 3X5 card and look at it everyday).

What is your BIG WHY?

Step 4: Write a Script about Your Soul Money Goal  and your detailed Action Plan.

Example. It is December 31st, 2013 and I have ___________ in my possession. I am so happy and grateful for this money. In exchange for this money I will serve my peeps with an open heart and healthy boundaries. I will serve  X_   amount of peeps in this program, X amount of peeps in this program and so on and so on. My faith is so strong that I will have this money in my possession that I can see it with my own eyes and I can touch it with my own hands. I am so grateful for this money. THANK YOU!

Step 5: Get crystal clear on your BIG WHY.

Why do you desire this SOUL MONEY goal? Do not skip this step! You must get crystal clear in your own heart and mind WHY you desire this SOUL MONEY goal. When you are clear, solid and confident about your WHY you can laser in with all of your heart and focus to easily receive your SOUL MONEY goal.

Action: Write at least 2 pages in your journal about WHY you desire this SOUL MONEY GOAL.

Stay tuned for next week’s feature article where I will teach you my top tips for transforming your wealth consiousness so that you can BE THE WOMAN who RECEIVES your SOUL MONEY GOAL.

You are invited to email me your burning questions and have a chance of getting your question answered in an upcoming Breath of Fresh Air eZine!

Until then, follow these 5 steps to the letter to get your 2013 Action Plan in order!

Abundantly yours,



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