Last night, I enjoyed 5 blissful hours at the Spa! Self care is a MUST for the mind, body and SOUL. First, I received a much needed massage and then enjoyed the sacred spa space to journal, vision, meditate and relax. Taking time for yourself like this is essential to getting clear and focused on your heart’s true desires so that you can manifest with ease and grace. In this week’s feature article, I’m giving you my New Year’s visioning formula. Enjoy!

By Amanda Moxley

My wish for you in 2012 is to have it ALL!

So, how are you going to do that, you ask?

Your 2012 Visioning Formula

Step 1: Reflect back on the past year. Where were you last December? Take a real honest look. What were your hopes and dreams for 2011? What was going on in your life, your relationship with food and with your money story etc. See how far you have come!

Step 2: Make a solid list of ALL that you are releasing in 2011. Your “Bye Bye” list.


I am releasing 30 excess pounds.

I am releasing unhealthy friendships that don’t make me feel loved and supported.

I am releasing the drama of financial struggle

I am releasing unhealthy cravings for foods which do not honor my truth.

I am no longer available for wasting my time conducting low income producing tasks.

I am releasing all energy sucking situations- clients, friends, foods, activities etc..

Step 3: What is your 2012 VISION? Write down all of your hearts desires in ALL areas of your life.

Get Specific:

What do you truly desire for your body and health?

How do you want your body to LOOK and FEEL?

What does your diet and relationship with food look like?

What is the amount of money you are deciding to allow in, so that your vision, purpose and mission will be well supported, fueled and funded?

What kinds of support are you going to allow into your life in 2012? Massages weekly, facials, house keeper, in home chef, super Nannie for your kids etc.

What fun adventures and world travels are you going to enjoy?

What new activities are you going to try?

Please dream BIG!

Step 4: Why do you really really want this? Get really clear on why you want this. Write it out. What is your big WHY? If it’s in your heart, the desire has been birthed from Source and is destined to manifest. Now you just have breathe life into your vision.

Step 5: Breathe LIFE into your desires. Breathe deeply and TRUST that you will be loved, supported and provided for. This is a non-action step. Instead you relax and lean back into your desires and know that it is on it’s way.

Step 6 : Create a vision board with magazine cut outs, internet print outs etc of your vision. Put your vision board somewhere you can see and feel it every day.

Step 7 : Trust (this is where most people give up!) Your ego will try to steal your excitement and shut you down. Tell your ego who is BOSS and powerfully recommit to your vision. Do not give up in the 11th hour!!

Step 8: Take inspired action when you feel the nudge and inner voice, ACT. The Universe likes speed! Don’t doubt, don’t delay instead powerfully ACT in faith on your inner knowing.

Happy 2012! Bye-bye 2011!

Love and Blessings,

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