Your faith, your desires, your vision, your belief, your trust, your value, your hopes and your dreams will all be TESTED when you own your own business.

It’s up to you how you respond.

It’s a choice.

You decide if you’ll :

– Get angry and throw a temper tantrum
– Shrink in fear and crawl in a hole and hide
– Lose focus and stop taking action on your path
– Abandon your dreams and goals even for an instant
– Quit and give up and go back to bed or zone out and surf social media as a voyeur and not a player
– Not show up consistently
– Play small
– Be a victim
– Cave into the fear, drama and old ways of being
– Let them steal your peace
– Rob you of your faith

Or will you choose to RISE UP, dust your crown off and reign your world?

You have the power in any situation as to how you’ll respond.

Princesses react, Queen’s respond. Which one are you?

12 yeas in business have brought countless tests of faith, courage, belief and trust.

But I’ve never ever given up and that IS the reason I am so successful today

Even when:

– My closest family member told me he thought I was in a pyramid ponzie scheme by hiring a coach
– Telling me my business had no value
– Telling me I could have been anything like a business MAN, Lawyer or a Doctor
– My only assistant quitting on me 3 days before my first ever 3 day event which cost me 40K to put on
– Hitting my personal ground zero with a miscarriage and down to my last $200 bucks to my name in 2011
– Then 1 year later being down to my last $36 (but that time I wasn’t afraid and made 25k the next day)
– Having to ask family to help me pay my mortgage (paid them back)
– Going into over 40K + of 0% credit card debt to bank on my own horse and invest in my business
– Not being able to pay my taxes one year
– Clients bailing on their contracts and charging back their cc’s 5 figures (thankfully the banks sided with me and our sacred contracts)
– Signing up for countless coaching programs costing multiple 5 figures and then finding out they didn’t have the answers nor the heart connection (my responsibility)
– Taking on being the “kale winner” of my family and getting over wanting to be saved as well as feeling resentful for taking it all on
– Launching stuff that no one bought
– After selling our house in 24 hours, 4 months later the buyers coming after us for a plumbing problem which was not our fault threatening to sue. It worked out in our favor again. Thank God. But it tested me big time.

I’m sure you have had countless tests and maybe you’re going through your own test right now.

The way you respond determines your outcome and how soon you will get back in your ZONE!

So here’s how I get back into mine.. and how you can too….

* Wake up early every morning and give yourself sacred soul time to journal your visions, goals and connect with your higher power
* Know where you stand and where you end and where others stand and where they end.
* Keep your own energy bubble baby. Make it pink or gold!
* Have strong boundaries for everything. What do you tolerate? What are your non negotiables?
* Know who you are at the core. You are innocent. Pure. Divine. Heart. Vision. Love.
* Don’t take on peoples shit, deal with your own.
* Do your own work. NON stop.
* Turn it ALL over to your Angels, God and the Divine.
* Take 110% responsibility for your every decision, action, thought, belief and breath (really)
* Be the leader of your life.
* Hold to your contracts, standards and business systems and boundaries
* Take email off of your phone. Work time is work time
* Have strong boundaries with your phone and social media
* Nourish yourself with self care, soul food, sunshine and sleep

I’d love to hear from YOU.

How do you handle your tests?

Knowing there will be tests is half the battle.
Get a plan in place for how you will RESPOND and keep moving towards your target and you will make it.

I love you and believe in you.



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