You are not supposed to fit in. You’re supposed to LEAD, inspire and influence, not follow, be normal and fit in.

Nope, not gonna happen.

You are the heroine who was laughed at, ridiculed, not accepted, cast out, betrayed and persecuted for going for your dreams.

They said you couldn’t do it. Called you crazy. Tried to hold you back with them.

You went to the EDGE.

You looked around, focused your vision on where you wanted to go and JUMPED!

The Universe met you with joyful delight, laughing and loving YOU in your fearless flight.

Wrapping you in warmth and seeing you as the #PLAYER that you are.

You came to PLAY in the dance of LIFE, laughing and feeling free. Always rooted in your faith.

Your courage has brought you to hell and back


Always have been, always will be.

FLY your freak flag.

Some of you may still be in the middle of your heroines’ journey and I’m here to tell you to KEEP GOING in faith and fearlessness. • Find your tribe of like-minded soul sisters going for their dreams and in those who have gone before you.

  • Believe in yourself and know how loved you are.
  • Decide what you want and lock in the outcome.
  • Give yourself permission to ask for and RECEIVE what you want.
  • Never give up.
  • Show up consistently to serve, lead and influence.
  • Act from where you want to be, NOT from who you were yesterday.
  • Nail down your messaging to howl in your tribe of clients who are hanging on your every word! Being different is cool. Be you. Break the rules. Fly your freak flag. The world NEEDS you.Your voice, vision, vulnerability and visibility are needed NOW more than ever!


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