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My heart is blessed to be coaching and guiding the BEST, most motivated and conscious clients on their paths to releasing the fat that’s holding them back, moving beyond their body barriers and into the LIGHT of what they came here to be, do and have.

If you’re ready to move beyond YOUR Body Barrier™ once and for all so that you can channel the energy and creativity that blocks you from releasing weight and living your dream life, then I am inviting you on an incredible 6 month body and soul transformational journey.  The container for this journey is called: The Body Barrier™ 6 month intensive.

Here is the link for you to explore if this is the path for you.

I only have space for 6 more beautiful souls on this journey with me.  Are you one of them?

I’d love to offer you a complimentary Body Barrier™ strategy session to see how I can best support you in moving beyond your limits,  stop self sabotaging yourself with food, and release the fat that’s holding you back once and for all!

Email my client care specialist, Valerie, at Valerie@AmandaMoxley.com and she’ll schedule a time for us to speak in the next week. I am here for you!

I look forward to supporting you in moving beyond your Body Barrier™ once and for all!

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In Love and Radiance,


P.S. Here’s the link again!

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