Next week, I’m doing 3 really HUGE things in my business and personal life and I can’t wait! First of all, I’m flying to Los Angeles to meet up with world renowned photographer Christina Morassi for a full day photo shoot.

In preparation for this 6 hour event, I’ve been dreaming into and envisioning who I am stepping into in the next evolution of myself as a world server. This is a really big deal for me to step UP and OUT and to embody my truth in my power and presence in front of the camera. I can’t wait to share my pics with you soon. Stay tuned to your inbox because these are going to be awesome! Perhaps, I can be a mirror for YOU and your next BIG STEP.

In next week’s Breath of Fresh Air ezine, I’ll tell you about the other 2 really HUGE steps I’m taking in my biz and personal life.

Have a wonderful week! Drink lots of water, breathe deeply and stock up on lots of green leafy veggies to help with the winter blues!
In Love and Radiance,


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